Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The First Post

First a little about me I suppose, a sort of "how do you do". I am a mum (as implied by my title no doubt) and I have four children, two of each flavour - ranging in age from thirteen (eeek!) down to almost, but not quite, two. I was never the maternal type and the change that overcame me when I had my firstborn, was startling to all. I turned from a squeamish what do you do with those (regarding kids) type person, into a ah yes this is my baby I know everything type person.

Of course that's not strictly true is it, because no matter how many you have, children always have the capacity to surprise, frustrate and amaze you. Just as you feel you've got one thing sussed they find something else to throw at you.

I love being a mum, not too keen on the pay mind you, and if I was younger and had more room I could see me going on and on. Luckily for Other Half, time and space have placed limits on my procreative tendencies. I am sure I shall be moaning about Other Half shortly, there is usually something that gets on my nerves, and I do so like to share my annoyance (not with him obviously).

I have one little poorly pup at the moment, so I best get on and attend to herself, cuddles are needed (not that I mind... it just doesn't get the housework done does it?)

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  1. Welcome to the loony bin known as blogging! :)