Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday Night...

I am surviving without the eldest boy, haven't heard from him but as I couldn't top up his phone I'm not surprised . Looking forward to him coming home (shh don't tell him).

Goodness me that was a quick weekend. I have been rather adventurous today, first we put me on the car insurance, then I had to have a sit down because the price was mortifying! It had to be done at some point so we thought we'd bite the bullet today, just didn't realise it was a near enough £900 bullet (eeeek it's still scaring me now). This is for both of us with me as the named driver, it's not just for me, but blimey... it better go down when I pass my test .

So, as I had backed myself into a corner, and as we had spent so much money it seemed the time to take the car out for a drive. OMG me and Other Half and three of the kidlets in the car... and me driving... mmmm interesting. It didn't start fantastically, a mixture of winding country road, Other Halfs tone of distress and me not understanding he was saying "Get away from the curb!" made it all a bit stressful. We did make it to a park though and the kids got to have a run and a jump and a swing. Youngest lad and biggest girl loved this big rope thing, ooh what are they called (hang on going to google it) ok who'd have thought just putting the word swing into google would come up with such interesting results! Anyway its a big long rope with a swing seat hanging from it on a roller type thing, and you sit on the seat and fly along to the other end, I'm sure you know what I mean . The kids loved it, I was petrified as it looked like they might very well fly off at the other end , didn't stop them from going round and round. Zipline!!! That's the fella .

Baby girl was obsessed with the slide and getting her away from that proved difficult, all my kids are plotting to give me heart attacks and do daredevil stunts it seems.

Anyway, the drive home was much better, I didn't frighten Other Half, I didn't clip the curb and I didn't even park on the pavement when we got home, hooray. In fact I was inspired to go for another drive later on and took us all to Morrisons, all in all it wasn't too bad.

I have another lesson tomorrow, so we'll see if Dave (driving instructor) notices and whether it makes me better or worse.

Going to have a hot choccy now and try and unwind a little... sadly it is of course really early according to my body clock, just not according to the actual clock !

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  1. I learned how to drive when I was 12, courtesy of my scofflaw grandfather, so it never was a problem since I learned so early. But the husband... oh good lord, I had to be the one to teach him at his ripe old age of 25 because I got sick of driving him everywhere. I nearly went bald pulling my hair and finally it was either get a professional instructor or get a divorce.
    Luckily for me, we found an instructor. :)