Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Another day

... and for some inexplicable reason I am tired... can't for the life of me think why . I have dwelt on the subject of working for minus pennies, fretted for a while, and then decided that actually when Baby Girl goes to nursery and has a funded place I would make some money! Sooo, patience (the virtue I'm not very good at) is called for methinks .

Meanwhile I shall concentrate on getting mobile, as long as my instructor can remember when I've booked a lesson (another story), and enjoy my time with baby girl.

I seem to have started something with Baby Girl now, yesterday I decided to show her the potty (just to get used to it being around) and as she has started pointing at her pants and saying "wet!" it seemed like an idea. So, potty in the living room "NO!" exclaims little girl when I suggest sitting on it. Oooh look says me, Winnie The Pooh on here. Mmmm thinks Girly, maybe I'll investigate. She's pointing at the pics on the potty, "Pooh Bear" she smiles at me. "Do you want to sit down baby?" "NO!" ah ok then shall we put your nappy back on then? "NO" Oh, we may have a problem (houston). I decided to try another tack, let's get a book and you sit on the potty and we can read won't that be fine? Little girl gives me one of her best I'll think about it, but it's my decision sideways looks and trys it out. Now, no weeing was achieved but we did have a bit of sitting and I was pleased with that. There was a minor tussle to get a nappy back on for bedtime and much distraction (and bribery "look let's read Polar Bear Polar Bear again") was needed.

This morning little girl has marched up to me and said "Off!" indicating nappy, ok no probs. I took off the nappy suggested she sit on potty, which she did for a milisecond. Then as it's time to go to school I attempted to put a nappy back on... oh dear.... "NO! NO! NO!" small naked girl running off around the table and behind the sofa. Oh goody. I went and found some pull-ups and tried those, they seem to have met with approval, I don't for one minute think she's going to try and go to the potty yet though.

Ah, as I type she is putting her tea set in and out of the potty... ho hum .

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  1. Well thank you kindly for your comments 'Mum Gone Mad' and all the way from the UK too! How did you find my blog?

    Enjoyed the humour of your blog writing, maybe you could earn some $$$s writing a column in your local paper - I think you have the talent!