Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Flaked Out

something very strange and unusual occurred last night... I got to bed by quarter to ten! It didn't seem to help much this morning cos although I'd had nearly nine and a half hours sleep, I felt shattered. Not bad now, school runs have been run and toddlers has been attended.

I went to youngest boys parents evening yesterday, his teacher was telling me what good progress he was making and how sociable he is (I've noticed that everybody is "my friend..." so and so with young man). Then she went on to how quiet he is (Eh??!) and how laid back and relaxed he is, never argues (Double Eh??!) and then on to how responsible he is, and if a job needs doing they'll ask my boy. Well, are you sure this is my child you're talking about? We then moved onto his ability to pester you to death until he's got what he wants... ahh yes now that's my boy . It's lovely to know he's doing so well, his reading ability is amazing, this is the child that went onto my ebay account at the age of about two and a half and purchased me a simpsons t-shirt (it was buy it now.. but still) and I had to e-mail the seller and apologise profusely .

I should be frantically rushing about getting eldest boys stuff ready. He's off to Paris with the school on friday, four days with one less child, that's going to be odd, quiet but odd.

One more cuppa I think and then onward...charge!!!

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  1. hi mum, any further thoughts on how much your daughter is going to get cut off her lovely hair? i was thinking today if there was any way you could post the off cuts to me and i could get it transplanted to my head?!!! oh modern science when will you come up with these inventions. d.