Saturday, 14 March 2009

Saturday Hoorah

Except I am a little, how shall I put it, tetchy! The teenager kept me awake until goodness knows when (still seems strange saying that, I cannot possibly have a teenager... I AM a teenager but who's that strange old lady staring at me from the mirror?) the lad wanted to watch Comic Relief. I think he had ambitions to stay up until 3 in the morning, my eyelids had different ideas, and as the boy didn't want to stay up alone we went to bed at oneish.

This morning youngest boy decides he needs to tell me something urgently through the door at 7am . I went and explained (in my most reasonable and un-hissy tones) that I would like it if he could please just GO AWAY and leave me alone for a few more minutes. Oh and the urgent thing was that he needed to change his pyjama top, which he'd already done, in the night . See, urgent!

Ten or so minutes later I could hear little angel baby girl, squealing loudly from her cot, this was obviously not a morning for a lie-in (what's one of those again?) I tried to ignore for just a few more minutes, but I was beginning to think the pitch of the squealing might be upsetting all dogs within a five mile radius (very high pitched and very loud).

So, I am up and have been since earlier than I want to think about.

Other half? Oh he's in bed, asleep, lying down, cosy, humph I see a pattern here! To top it all off I appear to have a rather large mount vesuvius type, erruption on my chin (that's that teenage acne see) and I'm moody and I want chocolate and....oh hang on maybe there's something else going on here (again!!!)

I am off to the kettle, tea is called for and then I suspect some washing/drying/washing up. That's my day planned then. I hope this mood improves or there may be some small explosions somewhere in hampshire and it might involve ME.

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  1. ok mum i checked the new & no explosion in hampshire so your day must have gone alright. i believe people DO survive their children.