Wednesday, 18 March 2009

And The Winner Is...

There appears to be a competition running in our house, it has been long running and no matter how hard I endeavour not to compete, I always seem to get caught up in it. I noticed late last night that we seemed to be (yet again) in the last leg of it, but ignored and carried on. This morning as I was trying to wedge some crumbs into the corner of the rubbish bin I gave in. Yay, I win again. My prize?

I get to empty the kitchen bin... again, and again and again!

All the other people in the house seem to have the knack of precariously balancing rubbish onto the smallest and most impossible of spaces. The tea bags are now stuck to the lid, the binliner is stretching at the seams. It's a close run thing as to whether the rubbish will get from my bin, to the outside wheelie bin, within the confines of the ever more transparent bag . Lucky, lucky me .

Ah well, it's no use stressing (until next time that is).

Had a really lovely day yesterday, our girlie day out to the orthodontist was brilliant. Not as strange as it might first sound cos we had to go to Southsea and it was a beautiful sunny day. We went and had a look at the sea "water!" shouts littlest lady, very observant my girl. Watched some ferries (or fairies as they used to be known in our house) going to and fro. We even had time for a picnic on the common in the sunshine . Baby girl ran about un-encumbered by mummy and I think eldest girl just enjoyed some attention for a change, without the aid of boys butting in continuously. It was so peaceful and quiet I almost wished we still lived in the area, there is so much to do when you've got littleuns, just walking by the sea is an adventure.

Of course last night I paid for my outing and fell asleep on the sofa about tennish, I tried to get some enthusiasm and stay awake a little longer but nope, all that fresh air had done it's job! So, I actually managed an early night last night, almost eight hours of sleep!

Goodness gracious, I won't know what to do with myself this evening (bet I stay up 'til something stupid o clock now) .

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  1. I empty all the rubbish bins at my house too! And refill the toilet paper holders. sounds like you had a wonderful day by the sea!