Wednesday, 1 April 2009

No News Yet

don't feel as though they're taking me very seriously at this school! I have had no contact except that which I have instigated, I have requested a meeting... which I am expected to organise . Who are these people, I can see how my poor boy must have felt. Of course the longer they ignore me, the more irate I am getting yep that's about the right colour (imagine very red and angry face).

I have written a letter

take a look and see what you think, hopefully I have conveyed my displeasure but not sounded like a rabid dog (although I am leaning more towards the rabid dog feeling at the mo)

Karen W
Parent of K*** *******


Dear Mr R********,

I am writing regarding an incident that occurred whilst my son, K*** ******, was on the year 8 school trip to Paris leaving Friday last and returning Monday.

On the outward journey my son discovered that his wallet with all his money (£25 in English money and 60 euro’s) was missing. He reported this loss to the accompanying teachers and as far as I can tell, although they helped him search through his bag and belongings, they conveyed to him that it was his responsibility and “tough”.

I am very disturbed by what I see as the lack of care and consideration for my child. He is a thirteen year old boy, in the care of adults, and his distress seems to not only to have been ignored but forgotten. I was very disappointed that at no point was I notified of my sons’ problem. I was not therefore given the opportunity to come to the aid of my child. I would have liked the chance to arrange for someone to possibly lend him money which I could have taken immediately to the school on Monday for their return. We are not particularly well off and this trip was a chance for my son to go and enjoy an experience we are unlikely to be able to have as a family.

It also came to my attention that when another child’s money went missing it was treated as a different situation altogether and the child’s money was recovered and returned. I would like to point out that although it is likely K*** misplaced his money it is by no means a certainty and he could have had his wallet stolen. As far as I am aware there has been no report of the loss/possible theft to any authorities, this of course means we have no recourse via insurance etc to recoup the money. As I have said we are not particularly well off and do not take the loss of £85 lightly.

To me the reaction of the adults on the trip verges on cruelty, my son was of course fed and watered, but there was a suggested amount of money for the trip and if this was unnecessary why suggest they take money? Of course the answer is, it was necessary to have pocket money and I was not allowed the privilege of deciding whether my son should be helped out or not, I couldn’t even arrange for him to have £20 or so for the day they spent at Disneyland Paris.

Thankfully K*** is not a child that particularly dwells on things and managed to gain enjoyment from the trip, another child however may have had a completely different experience. As it is I feel he did experience some stress and discomfort as he was ill yesterday after they returned with stomach pains.

I am not a parent who constantly takes their child’s side indifferent to what circumstances may be. I am aware that it was his responsibility to a certain extent, and he has been reprimanded for not being careful enough. However at the end of the day this is still a thirteen year old child we are talking about. He was not sent to Paris alone but in the company and care of adults, whom I trusted to look after him should problems arise. I see this as a fairly major problem and I am still astounded that I had no contact, and probably still wouldn’t have but for the fact that I contacted Mr. B****** yesterday.

I would like clarification of what the procedure for these situations is, and reassurance that this quality of care is not typical when the children are away on trips.

Yours sincerely

K**** ******
Cc Mr B******
Cc Miss D*******

I don't like to stir up trouble and if these people had reacted to me sooner I may not even have written a letter.

Ah well best get on and do other things while I wait for the phone not to ring!!!


  1. Well done you! If nothing comes of it, at least you know you have done your best. I'm always moaning about things and saying that I'm going to write a letter of complaint and then when it comes down to it, I don't get round to it. I hope you hear back!

  2. The best response to a written complaint I ever received was when I put a much-higher up the ladder as the primary recipient and others (mainly the one I wanted to address the issue) as CC. I got the distinct impression that knowing the boss was notified of this encouraged the targeted receiver into action.
    I'm not very knowledgable about school systems, but it worked in a retail situation.
    I really hope the school pays proper attention to your letter, it looks very well thought-out and it's good to have it in physical proof that you tried to address the problem.

  3. excellent letter! All bases covered and well off or not £85 is a considerable sum!
    Looking forward to reading about how it goes MH x

  4. Your letter sounds reasonable to me. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself and document the day you send it and who you handed it to. That way there aren't any questions or doubts if it gets "lost". Good luck!