Thursday, 2 April 2009

Easter Holidays

Ahhhhh, the school run is over for a couple of weeks, yay. I am sure I have been excited at this prospect before and I am equally sure that two days in I am narked, impatient and a little ratty. Nevermind, for now I am pleased!

I took my missive to the school this morning, guess what? No, you won't guess, no-one called. What a shock! I am still being ignored, although I have taken the view that now I have written a letter to the head (teacher, not disembodied body parts....or big giant head from Third Rock... so funny...oops I'm meandering again) and hand delivered it to staff at the reception, things may become more formal. So I'm not exactly expecting a call now, maybe a letter of acknowledgement, we shall see as term is over tomorrow (big lad can walk himself of course).

I decided as we had enforced staying at home yesterday I had better attend toddlers. It was good fun, Little Miss was off and running as usual, she is definitely quite impressed with the little pushchairs and baby dollys (mental note for birthday pressy). I managed to get her hair up in a tiny pony tail this morning, very cute. She also had a pink smock top and jeans on, goodness me she looked quite presentable. Until of course she wandered about lifting her top up to reveal the very drawn on, and inky, vest top underneath . Oops mummy thought it didn't matter as no-one would see it, shows what she knows eh?

As usual at snack time they asked if it was anyones birthday, as this was the last toddlers for two weeks they said anyones birthday within that time, so me and baby girl had to go and stand at the front whilst people sung Happy Birthday at us...Not my favourite thing, young lady was unphased of course, oh and she got a little pressy so that was good . She also really enjoyed the nursery rhymes and songs at the end, she is so funny to watch, she'll copy all the actions, swing her hips and wiggle her shoulders, such a mover (gets that from me I suspect ). It was fun.

I have attacked the house today, more specifically parts of the house that were covered with stuff, clothes, boxes, toys, papers, all attacked, and in some cases even sorted properly! I examined my dyson which appears to be wanting to retire, I think I've managed to save it for just a little longer, so the carpet is vaguely crumb free, for now anyway. Oh blimey, I just remembered I've left my washing out oh I don't do bringing in washing at past midnight, it can stay there.

There are more housework plans afoot for tomorrow, the girls room, does need my attention. eldest girl is quite keen to help so I best get to it while there is a bit of enthusiasm. Ah well I am sure it is my bedtime, so I am going to make an attempt to back away from the computer (and the telly...Angel Heart is on, not sure I've ever watched it ).

Going now, honest, see I've gone.....

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  1. I hate it when you finally decide to go to bed and you remember you haven't brought the washing in. Happens to me quite a lot these days.

    And excited about the Easter holidays??? I remember being excited too, but that was when I was still a child!!