Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I am extremely tired. I fell asleep on the chair about elevenish (almost went all Lord Of The Rings there and typed elvenish!) I went on up to bed at about five to midnight... I came back down the stairs at twenty seven minutes past... I CAN'T SLEEP! My brain has decided to wake up and in the meantime keep me up too!

I was all lovely and snoozey sitting not watching CSI somewhere or other, remaining cat (ahhh poor lonely boy) curled up on my knee. I should have just stayed where I was, at least I was getting some kip .

There seems to be an awful lot of activity going on in my head, none of it on purpose, I don't need to think about every ramification of dropping off and picking up kids when I return to work, I don't need to try and remember where to look on the work system for certain information, I absolutely positively don't need to stress about where am I going to fit in my driving lessons. I need however to get some sleep, and if this is the way things are going to go until friday I could be in big trouble..."Hello new mrs boss lady, see how ill and tired I look, don't you just want me on your section?" not a good look.

Nope must calm down; of course stressing about calming down isn't helping much either, must not worry about calming down... must sleep!



  1. I am so exhausted too!!!!

    Adam's rash has worn me out.

  2. I get like that too, very frustrating!

  3. we call CSI Miami - CSI corny or CSI Kansas - it is a comedy ya know.
    yeah, i lost the ability to sleep almost 3 years ago. now me and benadryl are big buddies. helps me sleep, helps my alergies, and after enough time i don't even have freaky dreams anymore.

  4. Oh insomnia is the worst thing. Very soul destroying. I really feel for you. Have had periods like that and it is hideous. I hope it's better tonight. Try no caffeine, no computers, etc...

  5. Transitions are unsettling! No matter how much we try to deny that we are not upset with the change. We are.

    It will take a while to work through going back to work and making new work buddies.

    I got some sleep! I hope you did too!