Sunday, 12 April 2009


I was going to write a blog about how much chocolate four small people can consume in one day (and that's with mum saying "no more!" every now and then). Sadly I have been overtaken by events and now feel just a little flat.

I came out into my hallway this evening to see poor Coco (our newest siamese boy) collapsed on the floor, stretched flat out and breathing hard. I went to pick him up and his head fell back, Oh god he's dead, was the first thing that came to mind. Not quite, he revived a little with some talking and stroking but he would not, could not, move. So a journey to the emergency vets, and on arrival I was a little surprised to see Coco still alive in the basket. The vet looked at him and I could see immediately that he wasn't hopeful. He chatted a little about what he thought might be wrong with the cat, and unlike the vet I saw in february, he didn't think Coco was suffering from some sort of dwarfism, but a condition that meant his body was not purifying his blood as it travelled around his system, something with the word shunt in it, can't remember exactly. He decided to keep him in tonight and get him on fluids to see if he improved, they were taking bloods also, he said he'd give me a call later on this evening.

Sadly he called me about nine o clock and said that the cat was very poorly and didn't have long left, I asked if it would be better to have him put down now rather than let him linger. They dont want to push you in one direction or another though do they? However the vet did think it would be kinder all round to end it tonight, so I made the decision and now we are yet again a one cat household.

Other Half is busy being angry that we spent so much on a cat that has died after only four months. I will approach the breeder but I don't think we'll get much joy moneywise there. So, I am sad the cat is dead, I am sad I had to make the decision and I'm sad that I have to contend with Other Halfs ire.

It's a funny time of year for me this easter period, three years ago on Good Friday I lost a baby (well, pregnancy), and two years ago on the 11th April I was blessed with a baby, it's a time of mixed emotions and things like this weigh heavy at the best of times.

So I am indeed a miserable so and so this evening, but the kids are fine (they didn't seem to bond with little Coco for some reason) and they have much chocolate to consume and tomorrow is still a holiday, silver linings, they are about if you look .


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Coco. Sending hugs from across the pond.

  2. I am glad that your kids are taking it well. When my boys cried after Mr. Tinkles died, it was very tough on me. Whenever they cry, I just want to fix it. Long day for you. I am sorry for your loss. Please call the breeder to let them know of your loss. Maybe, they will make it right for you.

  3. So sad to hear about your cat. I know how precious animals can be to their owners.

  4. oh mum thinking of you at this difficult time d

  5. So sorry about your cat. Well done for making the right decision. x