Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Destined To Be Stressed

Ok I give in, I am obviously just meant to be constantly stressed! There have been a number of sources today, some of it revolves around waiting for things (ooh my favourite) and some of it revolves around someone not agreeing with me!!! They are of course wrong .

I decided to call the Trading Standards office today regarding the kitten. It seems we do have some comeback, and I was advised that I could approach the breeder and quote the sale of goods act at them. Poor Coco was not of "saleable" quality (ahhh poor boy) and I can request a partial refund (either that or a like for like exchange or a repair, mmm partial refund it is).

I also had a driving lesson today and my mum and dad where coming over to sit with the kids for me. Except I got a call at ten past eleven with my mum saying "I'm just taking my tablets..." Aaaargh... "You've only got about half an hour you know" replies I. OMG they got the time wrong! They thought it was half past twelve, not twelve . I spent the next fifty minutes on tenterhooks, well forty minutes cos Dave the driving instructor is always early. It ended up with me entrusting the littlies into the care of Big Brother, not my first choice but I knew the parents were on their way, still stress levels were high. Not the best start to a lesson .

Actually the lesson went fairly well and Dave informs me I'm getting better, hooray!

When I got home baby girl was pleased to see me, I got a lovely greeting "Mum, mum, mum" and arms raised to be picked up (aaaaah so sweet). The boys were being fed mini smarties and liquorice (cos of course we need more sugar after the weekend!) and eldest daughter was playing next door. So no-one was dead or injured and the house wasn't on fire.

Later on I decided to e-mail the breeder we'd bought Coco from and explain what had happened. I made it clear I wasn't out to blame anybody but would appreciate it if they could refund us some of the purchase price as the cat was ill from birth. Well the reply was not to my liking! She basically said it's not our fault, the cat was healthy when he was sold (unlikely as the condition is from birth) and she refuted the fact we had bought a siamese (!!!!) and went on to say we should have kept him insured (he was, it doesn't cover this sort of death sadly, only accidental death). I was a tad aggrieved, and have emailed her back bringing to her attention that the issue isn't whether they knew he was ill, but whether he was Of "saleable" quality... he didn't last four months... he wasn't! They have responsibilities as the seller!

So now I am waiting for a shirty reply and I will be contacting trading standards again I'm sure.

Ooh I am MOODY now, off to see what I can self medicate with... mmm, still lots of choccy about, maybe that'll do .


  1. We both had a long day. My oven turned out not to be fixed. AUGH!! And, my mother in law is having heart problems. But... I am fascinated that you do not know how to drive?

  2. It's neverending for you...I'm exhauted just reading your post you poor thing. Hope the cat thing is sorted out (and the kitchen). And I hope you had a better day today x

  3. Tonight is the night the husband bites the bullet and actually asks the landlord if we can have the cat we already secretly have. Okay, really she has us, as she adopted us and forced us to fall in love with her. Our landlord is a nice man, and we've been very good tenants, so I have hopes but the point is: I feel for you, losing Coco, because if I am denied having Monkey, I will be one sad and crying person.

  4. I have fingers crossed for you Leeann luv Karen x