Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Trip To The Shops

with all four of the little darlings, and we walked the mile to the shops (well some of us got pushed in the pushchair ). Today was money day, yay!!! Money in the bank... that is until the shopping expedition of course. I had a list and I wasn't going to deviate from it, oh and I was going to read it for a change and not just take it as purse ornament. This decided I thought I may actually come home with stuff I need.

I had to run the gauntlett of McDonalds (no we're not having McDonalds) the bakers (no we're not getting anything from there, yes I know it smells nice) and various sweet shops (no it is Not a sweety day!!!) so I was sweetness and light personified before we'd even stepped into the required shops.

First stop Wilkinsons, I let the kids choose one egg for easter each, that took quite a long time. So long in fact the assistant kept throwing me pitying looks and saying things like "well it is a very important decision". We also managed to get some of the more practical items I had required.

Next on the list, cards, two birthdays to sort eldest daughters little best buddy has her birthday the day after baby girl. Then on to find a certain type of kids mouthwash that people seem to think they really must have, couldn't find it sadly.

Finally we went to Argos (with it's laminated book of dreams thanks
Bill) to pick up the little girl pressies I had reserved yesterday. A small dolls buggy and a baby doll, these things weigh a lot more than you'd imagine for the journey home on a bus (I wasn't walking back too).

It was a fairly uneventful outing and I didn't have to raise my voice much at all what a pleasant change (I'm still knackered though).

The atmosphere changed as soon as I got into the living room, now I'm not sure but I may have mentioned Other Halfs obsession, sorry interest, in technology in general and his bleepin' speakers specifically. Suffice to say they are very very important in Other Halfs life (I do sometimes wonder which would come first out of a burning building... small child, mmmm, speakers, oooh difficult). I happened to notice that out of the front of one of the sacred objects, there appeared to be some sort of cloth foam packaging type stuff spewing forth. OMG the world will end at precisely the moment I tell him! I then recalled the cat had been hanging about in the vicinity of this speaker earlier and it all clicked into place, small mousey type person has obviously moved house and is now living in a speaker.

After some umming and ahhing, a quick consultation with a friend, and several pleas to the god of all reasonable things (you know, to try and get some sort of reasonable reaction from OH instead of small thermo nuclear explosion) I phoned him up. All aquiver I revealed that we did have a problem, it involved needing a mouse trap and ... his speakers . I removed phone from my ear and waited, he did start a small explosive remark and then said "Which speaker?" I told him it was the one he'd left on the floor which he was going to wall mount again.... "Oh no that's ok, I can replace that one easy enough" AAAAAARRGGH, all that pre-emptive stress for nothing. What am I going to do with all the spare adrenalin now?

Had to call back my friend to reveal the unexpected reaction, she laughed her head off as befitted the situation, and now tis time for a cuppa... ooh and a nappy change possibly (wrinkling nose as little girl wanders past) you do know I mean baby girl don't you?


  1. My favorite word today - knackered!!! As I type, the spell check doesn't even recognize it. Thanks for the answer to yesterday's question. We used to have woolworth's in the states. They closed around 20 years ago. WOW - I am getting old!!! And using the city bus! I would never get on a city bus here! SCARY!!! And... again in America, we are consumers!! Do the kids just get one egg for Easter? Here they get a whole basket of junk! I plan to give it to them tonight. So, they can enjoy the sugar high all weekend.

  2. sounds like a lovely shopping day. That's funny about the speakers...I guess hubby figures you're in charge of everything else, so the speakers are his concern.

  3. Oh I miss Wilkinsons, we don't have those over in Ireland....but we do have Argos....and if their book gets any bigger I will have to sue them for damage to my arm trying to lift it ;)