Monday, 6 April 2009

Everything At Once...

It has been a very odd day, a real "mixed bag" so to speak. I shall start at the beginning .

I decided this morning to ring my old office and at least make an enquiry about returning to work. I got through to someone who took my name and said she'd get the appropriate person to call me back. Ah well, thinks I, that'll be a week or so then. I then decided to call our electricity supplier to see if we could change our direct debit payment, since we have gone to gas heating and water I was hoping for a reduction, the nice lady called Sally said would it be ok if she rang me straight back as it was a bit complicated. Yep, no probs.

I carried on getting myself and the kids ready, youngest boy had a date with a little girl up the road , there was to be painting and lunch (aaaah). The girls were off to my friends house whilst I had my driving lesson. Now that bloomin' phone rang about seven times... out of that seven times NO phone calls were for me! I was rather hoping to speak to the nice electricity lady before I went out but it wasn't to be.

We dropped young man off at his friends house, he was all dressed up in his Spiderman trousers and a blue t-shirt, hee hee cute. The friends mum was quiet happy to keep hold of little man for me whilst I was pootling about in the car (yeah right, stresssssed) so that was handy. Then on to my friends house, luckily there was time for a cuppa, or two (my friend has the same attitude to tea drinking as myself.... you can never have enough tea). Baby girl was very boisterous today and did not want to behave herself, she kept trying to go upstairs in my friends house, shouted no at all the other girls when they did something she didn't like and was a general bossy boots! Dave the driving instructor turned up and off we set, I do feel it went better today, not so panicky and at least I didn't appear to be on the wrong side of the road too often (nah not at all actually, yay an improvement). On the way back at the end of the lesson my phone rang... I just knew it was eldest lad (he had gone out with his friends) and even though I had said "I am going on a driving lesson" he rang and rang and rang! Got to learn how to change the number of times it rings before voicemail kicks in. It wasn't anything urgent either as when he did get through he was asking if he could stay out!!!! Had I called him and said "Come home" ? No I hadn't!

When I finally got back home I had messages on the answerphone, blimey they had both called me back, most odd. I phoned nice Sally from the electric company...we are £845 in credit (pardon?!!?) which is to be credited back to our account within the next five working days and now we have had our payment reduced from £110 a month to £50. I'm still slightly taken aback, but she reassured me it was correct, she'd double checked before she rang me (nice lady ). I thanked her for all her help and skipped around the kitchen a bit, got off the phone before I skipped of course. Next I called the lady from my office and declared that yes I do want to come back to work (lie) for 16 hours a week, and I want term time too. She didn't seem too sure about the term time aspect, but I did push the point that I have four kids ranging from 2 to 13 and childcare for that many isn't easy. We'll see, all I can do is wait now. Kind of excited about the idea, but also sad to be abandoning my baby girl for three days a week . I suspect she'll be fine mind you, independent young lady that she is.

This evening has been a little different, the kids have driven me batty(er) and all been sent to bed early (oh yeah that worked, how many times can three kids come downstairs to say "nite nite" without being strangled?) I went to put the dishwasher on and the power button has broken there is no way to turn the thing on!!! Oh well another call to Currys tomorrow then, gosh I wonder how helpful they're going to be ?

Finally, I have had it confirmed that small mouse person is still in residence, whilst I was muttering various expletives by the defunct dishwasher this evening, I heard him scrabbling about behind the (one and only in place) plinth. Aaargh, he cannot live in my kitchen!! Gonna get a humane trap when some money comes in (within five working days woo hoo ) and evict the little so and so.


  1. I thought you had a cat to kill it? Put the cat on a diet. Maybe, he will get hungry for the mice.

  2. Ha we had a cat and a mouse and the cat took no notice of the mouse at all!

    How lovely to have a wiwndfall - sounds like it came at just the right time! Make sure you treat youself to something x