Monday, 20 July 2009

Not Quite With It

not sure if it's the wind down to school hols or just being completely knackered... or having been taken over by the evil forces of facebook , but I haven't managed to visit here much at all in the past week! It's really not like me and I began to stress that I didn't know what was going on in my cyber-neighbourhood, which in turn made me feel guilty for not visiting my friends as much as I normally do, so just to say thanks to those who dropped by to make sure I hadn't actually dropped off the face of the earth .

I have been inordinately tired this past week, although that hasn't inspired me to get to bed at a reasonable hour, I am soooo looking forward to my lie-ins after wednesday. Speaking of which little Miss M seems to have some blistery spots sprouting behind her ears and on her tummy, so perhaps the chicken pox returneth eh? I suspect nursery will have her unless she has a bad tummy, in which case I will be missing my last day at work for six weeks, I hope I can get in even if it's only to get some leave for the inset days at the end of the hols (they must love me).

I had a very pleasant surprise last week, I received an e-mail via friends re-united and one of my bestest friends ever from secondary school had dropped me a line. I haven't seen this friend in nearly twenty (or maybe even slightly more) years. We exchanged a couple of "Hello! How are you!" e-mails and then I gave him my phone number. It was ridiculous how excited I was when he texted me and said he was going to ring. Phone rang and I immediately reverted to the age of twelve and was giggling and being silly for an hour and a half. The memories just came flooding back and we relived our escapades from young teenager-hood to young adulthood, this is the person I would hang around Soho with so that we could stalk Marc Almond and get his autograph. We used to go far and wide across london to various concerts (oh well yes mainly Soft Cell), we even went to Tunisia together when we were about 21ish. This was one person I bitterly regretted losing touch with and I was truly exstatic when he got in touch... we are in the process of making arrangements to meet up somewhere between Brighton and Portsmouth for some alcohol and a bucketload of nostalgia.

I am now pondering the delights of which household task shall I perform first? Washing in off the line? Washing out onto the line? Washing folded and put away in drawers? Hmmmm, it's a toughie... I suspect washing in from the garden first, that's if Little Miss Clingy lets me get on, she's not 100% cos I can't walk far without having her attached to my ankle at the minute!

Ooh and here is a piccy I got done at the school fair.... all my lot together....

Good innit?

Right I'm getting off here before I decide to check out blinkin' facebook again !


  1. Aaah - to re-living old memories. Tainted Love - one of my favourite songs ever!! Gorgeous gorgeous photo - what a lovely family! Middle girl looks just like you I think! xx

  2. good to see you back! Get some rest soon dear! And what a lovely picture of your family.

  3. Fabulous family photo!
    Glad you got your giggle on with your old friend. Facebook does come in handy:)

  4. Lovely photo! doesnt it do your heart good to see them all in one picture! And how nice to natter with old friend and have a right old giggle. Nothing quite like it.

  5. What a gorgeous photo!
    Hope you get some lie ins :-)

  6. lovely family photo, thanks for sharing!

  7. Precious photo! Try to steal some rest!