Saturday, 11 July 2009


Evening! I am....

up really late? A bit tired? A little tipsy?
Ah yes that's the one! Here we go yet more slightly squiffy blogging! Please watch out for deliferate mistakes.

Had an evening out with my pals, we went for a meal and then onto a local drinks emporium. I appear to have drunk quite a lot of alcohol and yet still be upright and vaguely and alert (never knew what those lerts looked like before). Oh dear definitely a bit lively, I am listening to my
boys on the headphones, which could get interesting when I attempt to dance about whilst attached.

Had a lovely meal of salmon and ceaser salad, I ordered chips which was totally unnecessary! I drank wine (eeeek bad idea bad idea, but twas rose and not red so I appear to be fine) and then we rounded the evening off with a bit of dancing about.

Sadly we did have a member of our party who turned out to be a little aggressive whilst drunk, we tried to run away but she found us . She was being really lairy with the poor little waiter lad and when I looked stressed at her she got confrontational... nice! Never mind we managed to ignore her and still had a good night, could have been a bit longer though . Oh well I am drinking a cuppa tea (what else) and will try and get some sleep soon, I shall report on the state of the head tomorrow...... nighty nightttttt

Oh and here is photographic evidence of being up and about and not curled round a loo....

Oh and just to say none of the lovely ladies in these pics are the lairy one!


  1. I was going to say the third pic down, she looks like she'd be a handful after some wine.
    You all look like you had fun!

  2. I love a night out with the girls, glad you all had fun (apart from with lairy one!) x

  3. I just have one thing to say...if you were drinking red wine, you're wine is good for you (lol).