Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Trouble With Social Networking

Ok I am really angry, proper feeling like going round and shouting at someone, angry.

My eldest son has just joined facebook, not too bothered about that (apart from having even less time on here!) but what I am angry about is that some delightful child has put up a fake profile using my boys name. Now the content isn't much of a surprise, the usual derogatory remarks about being gay and including some highly imaginative sexual preferences on my sons behalf. This child has also made a number of friends with my sons real friends and is making strange comments and declarations on his behalf to them. However what has really annoyed me is that the little swine has put our actual address on the profile information!

I have reported it to facebook and requested some sort of feedback on the issue, also pointing out that the content of the page is very unsuitable and letting them know that I am not best pleased with having my real address splashed all over the internet. I sneakily added this person as a friend and they accepted. I was able to send them a message letting them know they should probably stop this now and that I had reported them. Strangely once they had sussed I was my lads mum they took me off their friends list.... odd eh?

Right, feel a bit better now that's off my chest! Luckily my boy isn't the sort of lad who takes much notice of this sort of thing and isn't bothered by it... I however am... no not going to rant anymore, I've done what I can and hopefully this profile will be removed.

It's been a very busy day, the cleaning bug has hit me, proper cleaning too! I actually got out the mop and bucket, polish and window cleaner today. Not only did I get them out; I used them! My living room now looks much less like a rubbish heap and more like a .. well a living room.. and this is very unusual. I may even invite people into the house now, it's much more salubrious . Maybe the extra light let in by the newly cleaned windows is perking me up.

Of course the weekend is looming and Other Half has next week off so I'll let you know how long the tidyness lasts, you'll be able to tell when they start leaving a mess around the place when a small explosion is reported in the hampshire area (me losing my rag in case you didn't guess).

There are plans afoot to go on outings next week, sadly the manchester trip can't be done due to lack of petroleum money (guess how many miles to the gallon our little chariot does.. go on.. I'll tell you... 18 miles to the gallon!!!) We will be going on some picnics though and possibly
Beaulieu (not my preference), I am hoping for some sort of zoo trip but we shall see how far the pennies stretch... Isle of Wight might be nice for a day too.

Right, it's time for bed now, but first a cup of hot choccy and as that game is playing up on facebook maybe I'll watch some telly .

Or go and check whether that games working again ...


  1. That is really awful.
    When I worked on a regional newspaper one of the journalists did a story on a rather distastful group that had been set up on Facebook. The group owners took offense and set up a fake profile in her name with a derogatory photo and they put her mobile phone number and home address on there too.
    She is a mum with two young children and lived in real fear for 2 months.
    Social media is a wonderful thing. Social media is a frightening thing.

  2. The face book thing is awful!!! How sad that this young person has nothing better to do with their time than to pick on your son.

  3. They need a good clump 'round their ears!

    My eldest son set up a facebook thing, but uses a pseudonym, then only his mates can use it.

    Personally, I avoid facebook like the plague!

    Good luck with it RMxx

  4. oh that's upsetting about your son's Facebook

  5. Good grief; I just allowed my son to get a FB page after he whined about not being allowed to have a MySpace page. I guess it's all a risk.