Wednesday, 5 August 2009

We're Wide Awake!

Morning, I'm up and about, woo hoo. Of course I was also up and about at half one last night... these school hols are playing havoc with my body clock. The trouble seems to be that I am surrounded by my little darlings all day, and then all evening and eldest lad being thirteen seems to mean he has no bedtime. Despite being told in very clear terms to GO TO BED!!! My point being, I then tend to sit up for an hour or two (nooo, not obsessively chasing a higher Bejeweled score, whatever gave you that impression?) unwinding. Oh and last night/this morning there was a very loud bangy crashy noise outside, which I decided not to investigate (well the dog was looking nervous and I didn't want to upset her ) but also I didn't go straight to bed afterwards. It was only one bangy crashy noise so in the cold light of day I am suspecting the kids scooters of slipping over.

Ben and Jerry have asserted themselves and now rule the house (didn't take long did it?) The dog is keeping out of their way apart from a quick wash of their back ends when she thinks they won't notice, of course they do notice and still look most indignant.

Eldest girly had a little friend visit yesterday, this is the newer friend, so it was a houseful. We decided to make some jamdrop biscuits and the girls helped. I find it's always a good idea to get them cooking cos then they have something tasty as a reward afterwards...keeps 'em happy for half an hour or so anyway. No pics of biccys cos we ate them all swiftly, mmmmm warm biscuits with jam, very tasty too.

Sigh, best get off here and try and get on with some housework, no not going on facebook.. nope not even tempted... no I have THINGS TO DO. We bought a couple of sets of wicker drawers off ebay and Other Half collected them yesterday, so I have the task of sorting out all his clothes behind the sofa into said drawers. Don't ask me why he can't have clothes upstairs but he can't apparantley, so this is the best and hopefully tidiest solution.

Here I go, going now, off to do something useful ....

Cuppa tea first eh?


  1. It seems you are as good at getting things done as me ... although my demon of Facebook is scrabble!!

  2. The summer does change your routine, my kids have been off for a month and I'm still adjusting! You have to make more meals and snacks!

  3. I am hoarse from yelling 'Go to bed!'. Nobody takes any notice of me whatsoever...

    The summer hols throws everything a bit haywire.

    You are not alone my darling RMxx