Monday, 17 August 2009

Look Out!

I have been doing something today, and what I have been doing is this...... I have been passing my driving test!!!

I have been so stressed over the past three or four weeks it's been unreal, last night I didn't get to bed until about half one, even then sleep eluded me for quite some time. I am expecting a better time tonight (I have bought a bottle of Baileys to help with that too).

I had my test at 13:08 (why??) and Dave the driving instructor came and picked me up at twelve. I deliberately hadn't told the kids as I didn't want disappointment if I failed. My parents came and babysat for me and I went out feeling like a huge cloud of stress was hanging over me. Dave was smiling at my obvious discomfort, and then I think he took pity on me and chatted away trying to relax me. I made a complete hash of my manoeuvres and I think he despaired . When it was time we went to the test centre and he made me have another look under the bonnet and tell him were various very important things are located.

I sat waiting in centre and finally a lady came and called my name... OMG this was really happening. She asked me what I preferred to be called.. I opted for Karen (what with it being my name and all) and then off we went. First thing I did wrong was forgot how to open the bonnet (aaaargh, he'd just shown me that!) I got my question right but then she launched into a bayparking manoeuvre, managed to muck that up and that's the one I wanted too. I just felt like I had made loads of silly mistakes all the way through (don't even mention my reversing round a corner....abysmal) and when we finally pulled up back at the test centre she did her little notes bit, then she asked if I wanted to have my instructor hear the outcome. At this point I was convinced that meant a fail as I presumed she would be telling poor old Dave how awful I was! So when he came and stood by the car and the words "Well Karen I am pleased to tell you..." Eh? Pleased? " have passed" I then turned and in a very high pitched voice said "Oh!" and then I spent about thirty seconds thinking she did say passed didn't she?

This is the weirdest feeling, this morning I was a learner and now they expect me to do it on my own. I made Other Half go and buy me P plates, I feel the need for some sort of indication of my inexperience. The insurance is sorted and tonight I made my first solo trip... up the road to Morrisons and back, woo hoo, all of five minutes up the road. Oh but I did make a slight detour for a cup of tea to my friends house on the way home, it's all very strange and I am sure it's going to take me a while to become accustomed to it all.

Right, I may have bought some alcohol whilst I was out and I feel now is a good time to indulge


  1. Congratulations!!! I love driving. Now you can escape any time that you desire claiming to go get groceries. Then, return about 6 hours later!! LOL

  2. Lol Hit 40 ah yes, I have already discovered this little perk and it is good! luv slightly merry as I am having a drinky Karen x

  3. Hey! Well done!

    I hope you wont become a chauffeur to the kids now!

    It will make life easier for you - congratulations!


  4. Well done, it's never too late to get to grips with new skills.
    Just remember to keep the Bailey's well away from the driver:-)
    best wishes

  5. congrats! life will never be the same again, you'll be getting things done so much quicker. we don't have to open the bonnet here in Canada or identify any car parts, thank goodness.

  6. Congratulations. I have yet to take the plunge, but am building myself up for it (lessons that is).

  7. Well done! It took me six attempts, I thought I was never gonna pass so I totally understand. I ended up on Beta Blokers. Enjoy your Baileys!

  8. Thanks everybody :) I am trying to get out and drive a bit every day, just so I don't take fright and give up lol. Welcome Baby Not Included (love the name btw) all I can say is go for it, wish I'd done it years ago xxx