Sunday, 2 August 2009

Here We Are...

sunday evening again! I have been a bit busy, fussing small grey furry kittens . We have named them Ben and Jerry (that was Madam R's idea) and they are gorgeous. I got an e-mail on thursday from one of the mums from school asking if we were still looking for kittens and basically saying she could get me one if I was. I replied that yes I might be in the market for a kitty (Hah! More like yes please get me kitty now!) and someone called me friday saying she had two kittens and did I want them both? Oh all right then if I must. Now these are feral kittens and the mum is a farm cat, apparantley there are many many kittens being born all the time and the farm just keep clearing them out (did ask if they were neutering the mums but she said they can't catch them). These boys are too young to be away from mum in my opinion (about four weeks old, possibly five) but as they had already been removed from mum (on the thursday I think) I said I would have them. I have experience with looking after underage kittens and know the things to look out for, know I'm taking a chance but what was the likelihood of me going and looking at these kittens and not coming home with them? Nil.

So, friday night we came home with two little grey bundles of fur, saturday morning I was slightly concerned about one of them being constipated and ran off to the vet (so the free kittens have already cost me £30 at the vets!) At least the vet could give them a once over and check the sex for me (she reckons two boys too) she wasn't concerned and since then they have provided evidence of not being bunged up .

It is rather nice to have a couple of felines in the house again, I suspect they are going to be a right pair of trouble makers, they have already asserted themselves with the dog. Small bundle of fluff doubled in size and made very respectable hissing spitting noises... dog looked confused and wagged her tail, then hid in the hall for the evening. They have stopped hissing at her and she is annoying them by trying to wash their rear ends, cats are looking most offended and running off with their little up periscope tails.

Right, off the kitten subject now (no honest...) we are in week two of hols and so far not too bad. As it was money day friday I at least managed to take the kids out to do a little fun shopping. We found a sweet stall at the market with a good array of sweeties and bought about seven tubs of various different sugar laden goodies, we still have some left so the kids haven't actually taken off due to sugar overload. I made some luverly fairy cakes the other day (sorry no pics they didn't last very long) we decorated them with nutella.... good lord that was yum! I may have to make some more shortly. Touching wood and crossing all available digits the children appear to be healthy at the mo and we have already got some friends organised to visit over the next week. See how forward thinking I am. I have a driving lesson tomorrow and my mum and dad will be babysitting, so that kills two birds with one stone (no, not advocating stoning the oldies) as the kids then have some fun visitors and I get away for a while (hour and a half tomorrow...eeeek).

I am not going to go on and on about how stressed I might be cos strangely I'm not too bad at the minute. Tomorrow of course will be a different kettle of fishes .


  1. congrats on the arrival of your new little kittens!

  2. Oh they are so cute! We have had no end of trouble with our new kitty but he seems to be settling in now, thankfully. I couldn't take much more of cat poo behind the tv!