Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Ooh... Here I Am..

Haven't managed to get on here much the last couple of days (could be longer, I've lost track!) It is Other Halfs week off though and we have been DOING THINGS, this is in lieu of actually being able to afford a holiday, so picnics and day trips it is.

Monday was a driving lesson day, and shopping day so we didn't do anything exciting then, Other Half did manage a trip with many and various objects to the local tip (hoorah.... at last) so that was something.

Tuesday was trip to
Beaulieu day, and I hate to admit it, but I had a good time! We looked around the very old cars display (which included an old london bus and I'm afraid I found that very exciting). Then we went to look at a falconry display, this kind of made the day for me as I love watching birds of prey. The gentleman presenting the display was very knowledgable too and told us lots of interesting facts about how falconry has impacted on the english language, and other historical points. Did you know "making a pass" at someone comes from falconry? It relates to when a bird will pass by it's prey before it actually catches it. Oh and a falcon will make a "mantle" over it's prey once it's caught it.. this means it sits with its wings covering the prey in order to be able to eat it unobserved, the shape of the wings has given us the word mantlepiece. There was lots of other snippets but my sieve like brain has forgotten them at this minute .

We didn't manage to get into the
Top Gear display cos it was just way too busy! However we did have a little trip on the monorail (eeeek!) where I discovered my children are not only fearless, but wicked! The biggies took great delight in bouncing around the little compartment making it rock even more alarmingly, forcing me to hiss"Stop it!" at them (I'm not too keen on heights it seems) and the youngsters were both trying to lean out of the windows and give their poor mother a hear attack.

Today we went on a picnic with some friends to a place called
Moors Valley, there is a lovely play trail there with lots of wooden climbing structures for the kids. There is also something called a tree top trail (we discovered this is very hard to say out loud) which is a wooden walkway about twenty feet up, which wends its way through the woods. Littlest Miss M once again frightened the life out of me as she ran along this (quite frankly way to skinny) walkway, oblivious to the drop either side (me? Not so oblivious). The weather was good, not too hot thank goodness, and we had a walk and then a feed and then a play in the adventure playground area.

I am shattered... Other Half is shattered.. the kids are asking what's next.

I think it may be a another farm type experience tomorrow, there is one nearby where they allow the kids to have a go at milking, and there is a nice cake shop too, mmm sold!

Update On Facebook
Just to let you know that Facebook did shut down the fraudulent account so I'm pleased about that, have to watch it in future though, as I'm sure it won't be the last time we encounter this sort of thing, aren't kids luverly?


  1. Flipping 'eck! You've been a busy bee!

    Knackering these hols arent they? When do they end? Is the end in sight????

    Do you take energy drinks? (lol)

    I wish I had your energy RMxx

  2. I need a nap just from reading it. But it sounds like so much fun!

  3. sounds like a lovely vacation for the kids! the years go by so quickly. good to know about the Facebook account.

  4. I enjoy visiting your blog because you always keep it REAL; moms are ALWAYS busy and you definitely validate it over and over (lol).

  5. Rebel's hard work this having them at home thing isn't it? Not long now, only three more weeks... aaaargh!

    Leeann... it is fun really, I love to watch them running about like lunatics (means they might be tired at bed time)

    Christine... thanks,I am glad facebook acted swiftly, and we are lucky that we live so near lots of lovely places to visit.

    MOMSWEB...Lol, I know we never get a sit down, but I do wonder what I shall do when they're all big enough to look after themselve :)

  6. Thank you for the facebook update. I could see that happening to us too. Just awful.

    I like staying in town better than going away on vacation. Folks do almost the same things on vacation as in town - the movies, mall, playgrounds, swimming... I have all of these things and a zoo down the street. No need to leave my own bed and pillow.