Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Quick Catch Up

First things first a big thank you to Maternal Tales for The Lemonade Award she bestowed upon me. I was going to take her sage advice and pass it on quickly lest I forget what I'm up too. Sadly as you shall see events have overtaken and I'll do it tomorrow, honest I will, I'm just a bit knackered at the mo!

We currently have child number three down with the sickness bug, I am hoping against hope that child number four escapes it completely, oh and also hoping the same for adults one and two .

Yesterday Other Half took the three biggest kids to the park, I was making a sunday dinner yesterday to make up for not having one the day before (you know... sunday). Because of the delicate timing involved in roast potatoes and yorkshire puds I rang Other Half to see how much longer they would be. "We're on our way back, I think C (youngest lad) has been sick" Oh dear, Other Half does not do sick, and what did he mean thinks he was sick?

I anxiously awaited their return, however I was a tad surprised at the reaction of Other Half when he pulled up. He had an expression I can only describe as outraged, on his face. Confused I asked what the matter was "There's puke all over the car and it's all in the crevices and it's going to stink..." how's C I asked? Not good, poor little lad was as white as a sheet. I managed to manoeuvre him upstairs and into the loo before more vomitting occurred. I got him changed and into his bed, with the all important sick bucket beside him. I then went downstairs to the raving lunatic who was ranting and doing nothing productive. "I will clean it" I hissed at him. "We'd better get some disinfectant" he raved... I have disinfectant, I will clean it! "It's in all the crevices...!" Shut up about the bloody crevices, it's not the childs fault, if you carry on like that he'll think he's done something wrong!!! I then went on to some very indiscreet muttering about "who's the bloody adult?" and "it's not even that bad, what's all the f... fuss about?!"

Other Half finally started to calm down and disappeared whilst I cleaned the **horrendous** (what's all the blinkin' fuss about??!) mess in the back of the car. He reappeared and declared C was Ok and he'd just been to make sure he was alright, oh good, should have done that first really shouldn't we? I think I managed to inflict maximum guilt onto him as he behaved impeccably for the rest of the day. I do think he has "issues" with sickness and germs, he just completely over reacts and has to run and wash his hands, he won't even touch some things (sick bucket for example) I cruelly expressed the opinion that if he was going to get it, he was going to get it, cos it was already in the air (now watch me go and get it for being evil!)

Today young C is much better; sadly now eldest girl has thrown up (lots) this evening. I do hope she's better for her birthday poor girl (thursday).I am also desperate not to have a sick baby girl as their aiming capabilities are about zero and no bucket will save me then. Ah well at least it is half term and I don't have the added worry of time off work !

On a different note, the driving lesson went well, although Dave the driving instructor did take me on a nasty fast A road , but I managed it. Just felt sick for the next twenty minutes, but I did manage it.

Off to have a hot choccy and ignore this headache...I am not, not, not going to be ill (please, pretty please?)


  1. Pleased C is getting better, What is happening with eldest? Caught the bug?

    Sending over good positive vibes from cyberspace to keep sickness at bay. RMx

  2. oh mum,you poor poor thing, trying to send you lots of love and hugs. take care

  3. award for you over at mine but i think you already have it whooops! x