Friday, 8 May 2009

Two Pints Of Lager...

and the remnants of a curry... ooh and can I find any choccy in the cupboards? I'm a bit, um, merry.. that's the word.

I went out with my friend tonight (she's a non-drinker ) and I wasn't necessarily going to have any alcohol, but we were out, there was a band and there was Fosters, oh well. Two pints later and two hours out having a natter was most pleasant, although I appear to have lost all co-ordination in my typing fingers (that would just be my fingers then) and this is taking an awfully long time to type .

It was nice to go out and about without the kids and we managed a little moan about respective Other Halves (well what else do you do on a girls night out?) Now I am shattered and yet feel the need to search out goodies from a cupboard, so I shall be off to hunter gather chocolate .

Have a good weekend all, I am trying not to type too much drivvel (good lord is that a word?) so will be off now nite nite.... hic!


  1. OOOOH I do love some good drunk blogging. hee hee. :) THanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I love your name, btw. I'm Karen, too! :)

  2. Blogging after drinking. That might help get those creative juices flowing. Glad I tuned in today and found your blog so I could find this little tip!
    Cute blog!