Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Icing On The Cake

Despite the fact that it's big girls birthday, there will be no cake . Madam is feeling a bit better, she's even managing a slice of toast as I type (fingers crossed we won't see it again later).

I awoke to a giddy head and a headache(yay) and when I came downstairs, I was greeted by a small boy with a face-full of spots. Hoorah, the chickenpox has landed!

Despite everything they are all a bit more cheerfull today, young man is especially lively, I think that's quite common once the spots actually appear. I hope he survives the day though, my irritation levels are high. Biggest lad bought himself a
Slinky yesterday, I now realise how much I dislike the noise of a slinky descending the stairs. It is very, very irritating . It is also a lot louder than you would imagine, and we have wooden stairs, ugh I am not in a good mummy mood.

I need to find a handy pillow to lay my head on, sadly it isn't likely to happen until tonight, and then I will do the usual of waking up and feeling lively around 10pm....

Off to not strangulate small, middling and big children. I may shout a lot, but I shan't kill them .


  1. Hi, thanks for your visit and kind comment. I am most grateful the icing on my cake is the yummy kind. Good luck with the chicken pox, in spite of the spots i seem to remember there is not too much feeling really ill (but mine i think had really mild cases, no more than a few dozen spots). My four go: boy, girl, boy, girl too:-) but are now 21, 18, 18 and 14, I miss them being loud and boisterous much love Martine

  2. p.s. and we have a gecko too!

  3. My boys both got the chicken pox shot to avoid getting it. I hope it was a good choice.

    I also do not enjoy noises. I like a lot of quiet. I grew up in the woods without neighbors or noise. Just birds and animals. My boys drive me crazy with their bickering back and forth.

    I just want quiet.

  4. Girl........when our kiddo's had the chickenpox it was a nightmare......I feel ya on this one!!
    I love Slinky's....had one as a kid and made sure our four had one. Hours of entertainment, no? the noise while it's there. Our four are grown and on their own. I have no clue where the time went and I long for them and all of their noise every single day :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. Yikes. Good luck!
    Thought I should let you know I finally posted your lovely award! Thanks again!

  6. Award for you over at mine xx