Monday, 4 May 2009

Losing Track

The days are all kind of merging... I do know we are getting closer and closer to the day... the day of me returning to work.

It's been a busy weekend, there has been the visiting relatives portion of the weekend, there has been the DIY, portion of the weekend and there has been the gardening portion of the weekend. Oh and of course there was the stuffing our faces portion of the weekend on saturday, oh yeah and on sunday ooh and a little bit today .

Saturday we did a mercy dash to my mums house. Their front and back doors were giving them problems, they couldn't lock either without a tussle, so the services of Other Half were needed. It was nice cos whilst Other Half did his handyman stuff, the kids ran their nan and grandad ragged and I got a cup (or two) of tea .

Sunday we went and purchased a new-fangled
brabantia clothes line I have high hopes for this one. High hopes as regards keeping it arachnid free and actually drying clothes on it, not leaving them as some sort of strange garden ornamentation (because of the arachnid residents), my neighbours must have thought I liked the sun bleached look for clothes. Once an item was left out overnight my ability to go and take it off the line was gone, I just knew there would be an eight legged friend lurking on the peg... ugh makes me shiver just thinking about it.

We also purchased a lawn mower, having killed off the last one. This new fella has wheels and is much more suited to the potholed terrain that is our "lawn". We have a digging dog and small boys with a current worm fascination... it looks like trench warfare out there. My new super duper wheeled mower is taking it all in it's stride and actually cutting grass as opposed to clubbing it into submission... do you know the only way I could get the incredibly inappropriately named "flymo" to cut the grass was to lift it up and plonk it directly onto a clump of vegetation. Not very energy efficient, good for the arm muscles I suppose, still prefer this new one .

After my new favourite pud on saturday, I decided on a simple strawberries and cream for sunday, also most yum I have to admit. Oh and the sunday roast wasn't bad either even if I do say so myself (which of course I do).

Today was another driving lesson day, it was the first since the slightly disastrous one two weeks ago, so of course the stress levels were up to maximum, nausea and snappiness all around (well just me but I let everyone know!) It amazes me just how physical my reactions are, even though I know it is all in my head I cannot calm myself down. Thankfully I managed to concentrate (and not be sick) and at the end of the lesson Dave the driving instructor turned to me and said "great, that was fine.. just a couple of times you forgot to check your mirrors" Hoorah, it was good! I was still shaking when I got home, but bloomin' elated I had managed a good lesson, maybe it is possible for me to drive.

Back to school tomorrow so a normal day, phew, this family time doesn't arf interfere with my blogging you know!

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