Tuesday, 5 May 2009

And Breathe...Phew!

I have been a tad stressed lately, what with the going back to work thing and the sending baby girl to nursery thing that accompanies that. Oh and I had my driving theory test today, eeeeek, I hadn't mentioned it cos I just couldn't! However,
I Passed!!!

Thank the lord for that, I felt so sick this morning I just knew I couldn't go through that again. I spent the morning stressing and practising on the disc, my brother laughed at me yesterday when I revealed I'd passed the last fourteen times on the practise disc. You just can't be too careful in my opinion .

I got to the test centre and a very nice man behind a desk looked at my licence (both parts... oh god had to find both parts!) and pointed me in the direction of his colleague, a jolly little man further along the corridor. The jolly little man directed me to a booth (ooh there's posh) and asked if I minded that (there were lots of cubicles but I quite liked the booth) so off I went. I had to press the screen, not click a mouse (let me click a mouse I know what I'm doing with a mouse ). I went through the 50 questions, and had to flag seven of them (ooh no, not sure must check again) one question I just had no idea about the answer so it was multiple guess time for that one. When I'd done all 50 questions I went back and did them again (just to be sure).

Then onto the hazard perception videos, for those of you who haven't encountered these it's basically a series of fourteen film clips, and you have to click the mouse when you see a potential hazard and then again when it becomes an actual hazard. Now I suffer from a sensitivity to motion, and am prone to feeling sick whilst watching things moving about on the screen (Waterworld... never did see the whole thing!) So this bit of the test was not my favourite, however as I was coming to the end of it I just kept thinking "Oh god I'm nearly finished....I will know the result soon!"

I was sooo relieved when the nice man (man number one) handed me a slip of paper and said "Here's your pass certificate" Oh! I passed, I passed!

Phew now all I have to do is the practical.... aaaargh... I'm not ready for that yet . Sleep now, stress later... much later .