Monday, 18 May 2009


Hope I get into the swing of this soon. Still tired!

It's been a good day today, blimey when was the last time I thought that? I had a visitor this morning and Little Miss and I got to natter and play (I nattered, she played... just thought I should make that clear). My kitchen was a tip from sunday dinner, but I ignored it, couldn't be rude and ignore my guests could I?

Had a friving lesson today, oops make that driving lesson (see how tired I am?) and I was, as usual, anxious and stressed. I got in the car and poor old Dave the driving instructor wasn't well. Now, don't know if the distraction of talking about his sore throat and loss of voice made me more relaxed, but when we pulled up outside my friends at the end of the lesson he said "You been practising?" "No!" I said a tad surprised and trying to figure out whether he meant I was better or worse. He meant I was better , and now he says we'll do a mock test (purely driving, not manoeuvres) next lesson. I was quite chuffed I have to say. However I have just remembered that my next lesson is the morning after a night out with my pals. Do I cancel my lesson in anticipation of a slight delicate head the next day, or do I say nope it'll be fine lessons not til one o clock? I can't quite decide.

The kids were all vaguely civilised today, I have made tomorrows lunches, all dishes currently in the dishwasher... washing, yay. Ah and of course one small blot on the landscape (well on my face to be more accurate) Mount Vesuvius is erupting on my chin at the mo, well no it's not erupting. It's just sitting there and now faintly glowing, I have attacked it and of course wish I hadn't (oooch it hurts!) I can only hope by wedneday it is down to a manageable level.

Going to sleep now, the tired is overtaking swiftly.


  1. So sorry to hear about Mt Vesuvius! LOL I too need to learn to leave those little beauties alone. Must.Not.Touch!

  2. If I had a driving lesson, I would have a mt. too! Actually, I have two of those at the moment! What's the deal with that? Have we not been punished enough?

  3. When you can drive its wonderful - its like having wings! Good luck with it. RMx