Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A Long, Long Day Of Not A Lot

Poor biggest girl is still unwell, it seems the sickness bug is hanging on for her. There has been a lot of lounging about looking pale and interesting combined with bucket emptying.

I have had a headache (which has been sort of there for a few days now... I suspect sinusitis lurking) and just couldn't get a move on at all. I had to deal with big girls new pet,Splodge the bunny (don't think I've mentioned her yet, very cute bundle of fluff) and so I got to change her hay and water and give her bunny food (bunny food looks a lot like bunny droppings, most odd). I also managed to get a bunny hug in there .

Eldest lad has been off out for a lot of today, this was a good thing as I couldn't have handled lots of boy bickering, and if he'd stayed home I'm sure the lads would have screamed at each other for a larger portion of the day. Little Miss has been very snotty today but otherwise lively and bit too cheerful for my tender disposition. There was a moment when I was trying desperately to keep my eye's open and had a small but bouncy two year old boinging on my tummy "No! No! Don't sleep! Read!" followed by a heavy cardboard book shoved in my face (ouch). Mummy's just a bit tired honey "No tired! Read!" So read I did, sort of, Elmer I think it was.

Now three are in bed and big lad is bored (hah maybe he'll go to bed then) I am waiting for Desperate Housewives (the programme not a local gathering you understand ) and then time for me to crash.

Oh that reminds me, the dog decided I didn't need much kip last night and growled bravely about half one this morning. Then she barked bravely, I was worried that Splodge might be having a visit from a fox or something, so I came downstairs to investigate. Brave and loyal hound ran and hid behind the sofa when I checked out the back garden!

Humph I think I need a new guard mutt .


  1. I feel for you headaches are the worst, I get migraines, but headache combined with looking after children is 10 times harder. Makes me shudder just thinking about it; hope all's well with you and your brood soon x

  2. There are lots of sickness bugs going round in our area too. Hope you both feel better soon x