Sunday, 24 May 2009

Back To Normal

I have lost the quiet and subdued boy, he has now been replaced by the loud and vaguely (actually, very) irritating lad. So, big lad is obviously feeling better!

We made a trip to the emergency dr yesterday (appointment for 5:50 saw dr at 7 o clock!) and the boy has tonsillitus! At last we have medication and he seems to be a lot brighter, yay.

It is a gorgeous sunny day here and we are off to a family fun day at the church at the end of our road. There will be cakes and BBQ and a bouncy castle, so of course the children are over-excited already! I am really looking forward to my night out this evening now, I can relax now biggest boy is back up to full (almost) capacity. And of course an afternoon with hyperactive youngsters is bound to make me appreciate adult (drunken) company even more!

I am going to try and get all washing, drying, cooking done before I go anywhere today, in the hopes of a quiet and relaxing day tomorrow. We shall see .

Ok, off to start the preparations and maybe another cup of tea have a great bank holiday weekend all!

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