Saturday, 23 May 2009

Someone Trying To Tell Me Something.....?

It's been another fairly long and arduos three days. Last week (week number one back at work) it was Little Miss not well, this week eldest lad has been struck by some dreaded lurgy. And the boy definitely isn't crying wolf this time, he was throwing up in a bucket and everything! I like to throw in the little details so you can share my experience to the full.

This meant I had to spend three days at the office worrying about the state of my lad back at home. I know he is now a teenager but it grated on me to have to leave him, thank god for mobile phones is all I can say. He is still suffering now even though a trip to the doctors brought the reaction "he's got a cold" yeah cos I would really be disturbed by a cold! I think he actually has an ear infection, and of course I am also aware that the doctors tend to refrain from giving anything for an ear infection.

So, is someone trying to tell me that going to work just isn't for me? (I might be!)

Work itself has lived up to my high expectations (sarcasm rules ), and I have been abandoned swiftly and surely by the powers that be. I have just managed to get myself sorted with our human resources (they know I'm back at least), I contacted payroll (also know I'm back but not sure they're going to pay me) and I've had my first go back on the phones answering queries. I then discovered I hadn't been given full access to everything I need to answer queries , also I was expected to remember what I'm doing after a two year absence! I insisted on a companion to sit with me and listen in, in order to not give completely c**p advice to the public! My line manager then said "Ooh of course we won't just abandon you!" Oh of course you just were about to madam!

I am happy that I at least managed to help a couple of people who both incidently, wished me a very good day, that's the bit I don't mind.

Now it's half term, so a week off! Woohoo! I will return afterwards having forgotten everything won't I?

I think son number one may have shared his germs with me, as I have a persistent headache at the mo , oh and I have a night out with the girls tomorrow....hope I'm feeling better by then, I've paid for the ticket now!

Have a good weekend all, I am off to make up for my lack of tea intake these past three days... ahh maybe I'm suffering from withdrawal and I'm not ill at all!


  1. Tea withdrawal symptoms? New one on me, but... why not?

  2. To The Dotterel Oh surely you have heard of tea addiction :) or is it, as I fear, only me?!

  3. Oh honey - it does stressful for you - ill children is not to be sneezed at (!!) Hoep they get better quick, and you too. Enjoy half term xx

  4. I have tea withdrawal symptoms...I drink loads to tea - no coffee though - Yuck!

    When I'm abroad I take my own Tetley's...maybe you should take some to work.

    Hope you have a nice weekend RM x

  5. Hi Maternal Tales.. he's bloomin' worse if anything today! I am plying him with medicine as I type :)

    Rebel Mother...Ooh I am a Yorkshire tea girl myself. I do have supplies at work it's just they don't seem to allow for my six cup a day habit :S

  6. Yum tea! I'm into twinnings green tea blend at the mo its loooovely! when i go back to work all my girls seem to get ill too??? perhaps its not a sign just sods law lol! x

  7. mum, do the lotto. it could be you.

  8. I hope your son is feeling better :-( Be thankful that he is keeping it in the trash. I had a student at work puke on the floor!!! 16 years old puking on the floor!!! Get to the trash can!!!!!!

    Hard to go back to work. Give it time. Folks can be very cliquey.