Friday, 29 May 2009

Yay, Feeling Better...Boo, Half Term Nearly Over...

I've managed to get some housework done today, I backed away from the computer and I actually emptied bins, emptied washing baskets, emptied... no run out of "emptieds". Anyway, the living room floor has been cleaned, all the clothes that were lurking in baskets have been put drawers ...cor I've been really good today .

R went to her friends for a sleepover today, so we are one child down. C's almost chickenpox seems to be fading already with only two blistery spots in sight , M has been a little minx today, enjoying herself chasing about after me and using her new word "Why?" a lot. K disappeared early on in the day to see some of his friends... do you know, it's been quite a peaceful day, almost tranquil .

Sadly as my little helper wasn't about, I had to entertain littlies whilst hanging out washing. This requires the eyes in the back of your head routine, C kept creeping over the grass (Nooo, the grass seed, get off the grass seed) M kept sidling round the back of the bunny hutch (M... no not there, round here, no not round the back...) and then they came to um, help me. C talked the hind legs off several small donkeys, and M kept wanting to hand me clothes pegs, dismantled clothes pegs.

I sadly made the mistake of switching off when C was asking me things, then I realised I was agreeing to stuff and had to snap out of it quick!

I am just grateful I feel more human, and that all the kids appear to be healthy (ish... young man is still slightly spotty). Off to the pictures tomorrow, a birthday treat for Madam R, so think of me when I am watching Hannah Montanna on the big(ish) screen, I will be buying chocolate and sedating myself for the duration

Here are some random pics of the little darlings

Oh and of course this is Splodge!


  1. Yeah, I'm not a great fan of Hannah either! Amber loves it though.

    PS Love the pics. Great name - Splodge x

  2. Great pics! I have enough trouble having eyes in the back of my head with 2, how do you manage with 4?! Baby B can't walk but can crawl up the stairs as I found out today! x

  3. Hee Get off the grass seed. You need those eyes in the back of your head.
    Have fun at the Movie. Been there, done that. My girls loved it and truth be told I didn't really mind it. I'm done with cartoons so this was a nice change!

  4. cute pictures, family life at it's best!

    Do you think short nicknames might be better to use for the kids? I use initials myself and now I realize it can be confusing for someone who doesn't know my blog well. Just a thought and don't mean to interfere. Maybe I should start calling my husband Mr. M!

  5. I am past the bad movies! No more pokemon for me!! Hanna Montana does not sound too bad? I agree with the chocolate idea!!!

  6. An award for you over at mine! RMxx

  7. Busy bee you are! I hate it when half term ends too.x

  8. P.S. Thanks so much for the award. I'll get to posting it v. soon. xx