Monday, 1 June 2009

June Already....

This year is zipping past at an alarming rate! And soon (sooner than I'd like) I will be another year older, getting near those middle four-oh's now!

We had a lovely weekend, luckily all children seem to be fully recovered from the sicky/spotty/snotty bugs. My brother came to visit on saturday, and of course I had my outing with small girls to watch
Hannah Montanna. They were suitably impressed, it was very girly, lots of singing, dancing and a dash of romance. I must admit if I'd been ten I'd have loved it, sadly I'm not ten . We went to a mexican restaurant for lunch afterwards, it was a bit different from KFC and McDonalds. The childrens meals were reasonably priced and a decent size too, I was impressed with that at least .

Yesterday I had the parents round for sunday dinner as well, so only nine to cook for, the weather was glorious but I still did the full roast beef and yorkshire pud. It was worth the effort and everybody seemed to appreciate it, little Miss M has taken to sitting at the big table and refusing to get in her high chair, so we were all crammed round the dining table... it was lovely really .

Of course I made pud, ye old faithful
Eton mess always a favourite in our house.

Biggest girl caught up on pressies she didn't get on thursday (due to aforementioned various bugs) money, clothes and some contraption called a
Password Journal so she was very happy.

I am just shattered myself, the week whizzed by in a blur of bad headaches and vomitting children. All my plans to clear spaces and tidy out cupboards etc where well and truly thwarted. As always after a huge sunday dinner experience I have spent most of today clearing and cleaning up the kitchen. Oh, and because of my new super duper washing line I have had to rediscover the iron and ironing board! Not something I was ever fond of, less so now, with three lots of uniform to get ready.

I didn't have a driving lesson today, so I have that in the middle of the day tomorrow, it's all in a good cause but it sort of fills up the whole day no matter when it is. Sadly it is costing me money of course, money which strangely has not materialised from my employers, although I have it on good authority that money will be going into my bank sometime tomorrow...or possibly wednesday .

Right off to get a halfway decent nights kip now, things to do etc etc tomorrow, wonder if there'll be any money to do it with ?


  1. Sounds like you have all recovered nicely. I too love big family dinners with everyone around one table..I just hate hate all the dishes that require cleaning afterwards!

  2. glad to hear all are getting better at you home! So, curious as to how much longer you'll be taking driving lessons. In the US, you read a book, take a written test and a driving test and poof, you're a driver!

  3. Glad you're all feeling better! I love big family dinners. I've never heard of Eton Mess! I'll have to try it.
    Oh and leave the ironing, that's what I do, especially in this lovely weather x

  4. Thank God your season of sickness is over! Hope you're getting some rest! By the way, the mid forties are GREAT!

  5. My family eat like pigs all around the table...scoffing like its the last meal!

    We never have company - except the students, and they never stay long.

    I wonder why!

    Pleased everyone is well again. RMx