Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Greetings From The House Of Lurg.....


Thought it sounded a bit klingon so added the "y" on as an after thought.

I am much better thank you for asking and just pleased I should be ok to make my little wembley trip.

I haven't really let you know the full horror of the past few days so here we go. Timetable of illness runs like this.

Sunday morning Other Half, eldest lad and eldest girlie went to judo (yay), after judo I asked eldest lad to take the dog for a walk. He agreed to this went upstairs... came downstairs.. "I don't feel well, my head hurts and my stomach feels funny" Grrrrrr, oh but you were ok to go to judo and be on the computer for the last three quarters of an hour!!!

I was unsympathetic and sent him out anyway.

Around about this time youngest lad appears and says "I don't feel well I think I might not be able to go to school tomorrow" Mmmmmm, the boys are playing me up today thinks I. Little man continues "what are we having for dinner... I don't want roast dinner, my tummy hurts" I am now fully convinced I am in the house of wolf (no not a real wolf, you know the boy(s) who cried wolf) and sympathy levels are at zero.

Big lad then comes home and says "I feel ill I am going to bed" up the stairs he trots and then I hear run scuffle scuffle slam of bathroom door, shortly followed by "I just threw upppppp!" Ah, I see. The lad then came and looked at me and in best Spike Milligan tradition said "I told you I was ill!" Yep, ok I'll give you that one .

The full story still hadn't unfolded and I should have seen it coming but no, I didn't. Eldest lad went to bed for the afternoon. We had dinner without him (lamb... his favourite... oops he really really wasn't well) little man didn't have much (uh oh do you hear those loud annoying alarm bells? I didn't) but he did fancy some aero mousse dessert that my girl and I had purchased. Then little boy disappeared upstairs, when I went in search of the small boy I discovered he had fallen asleep, very early. I woke him up to get him into more comfortable clothes... he got up went to the loo and threw up. Yay, both not well then, mums radar on the blink again.

So all day monday I am thinking how unlucky we've been with the sickness bug, and counting my lucky stars that they are ill on my non work day. Both lads seemed ok on monday, a little quiet but not throwing up. Later on in the day I got a call from a mum up the road she was asking if I could pick up her little girl for her. I explained both lads were down with the bug and said I'm sorry I couldn't go. She let me know she had the sickness bug and I said "Oooh I seem to have avoided it so far ha ha" she informed me I did not want to get it... haha! She was right wasn't she! As you know monday evening was not good, followed by what I like to call Wiped Out Tuesday... in and out of sleep for most of the day. I was still thankful that the boys seemed much better and oh aren't I lucky it's fallen on my days off, how organised of me eh?

Today, on the way to drop the kids off a thought of "Mmmm he does look a bit pale doesn't he" crossed my mind as I looked at youngest boy. He seemed fine though so I continued as normal.

I suspect you know where I am heading with this. I am not allowed to have my mobile phone on at work, however I do have it on silent as we don't have personal lines at work. I had a meeting to attend this morning and when I came back to my desk at 12:15(ish) I suddenly had a feeling I best check my phone... aaaargh one missed call and a text message from Other Half. Please call school as the little man is ill. Called the school and they informed me he'd got a raging temperature and was lying down in the office. Other Half was on his way but as he was an hour and a half away I told my supervisor I had to go home.

Got to the school and my poor little man was fast asleep on a pull out bed they had on the office floor .

Well we got home and I got him into bed and all calpoled up (gave him paracetomol for those unfamiliar with the wondrous
calpol). Have to say he perked up quite quickly, although when he had dinner (that he had requested), he couldn't eat much. I am going to look at him tomorrow and see what I really think, and if even a fleeting thought of "mm he doesn't look quite right" passes through my mind I am not sending him in.

Ah well these things happen and when you have four of the little darlings an illness seems to go round and round I'm afraid, let's hope we've seen the last of this little nasty .


  1. Oh no, hope you're all better soon x

  2. We've just had exactly the same in our house! S complained his chest hurt and we were just as unsympathetic when he didn't eat his dinner! We're mean parents aren't we?! Hope you're all recovered x