Friday, 5 June 2009

Finding My Feet...

at the work place at least. I have managed to remember some things and speak authoritatively to customers, I have realised I was slightly mistaken on one occasion, but I do sound like I know what I'm doing .

Thank God It's Friday has taken on a whole new meaning for me now, I now say it with real emphasis. The kids are all healthy at least this week, and I have booked a day off already lol. It is friday the third of july, and that is the day before I make my second attempt at going to watch that little pop combo, you know nice bunch of lads.... oh yeah Take That. I shall really, really not drink red wine and collapse in a very drunken heap (like last time... ooops).

Madam R has started to go to cycling proficiency sessions at school, she's quite excited about the whole thing and now there is a list of accessories required by the young lady for her bike, bell, lights, reflector.... drinks bottle holder... cuddly toy... you get the drift. Eldest Lad is due to go to judo lessons on sunday, he is also excited and is eyeing up judo uniform. I shall be waiting until he's been to a couple of lessons, the boy has a tendency to get bored easily.

Youngest lad is looking forward with great enthusiasm to tomorrow. It is the school fair, yay...sort of. It usually entails hanging about for three hours whilst kids buy a ton of tat, eat sweets and try and win yet more tat. I foresee many many pennies/pounds being nabbed from my hot little hand.

Got to go and watch Have I Got News For You now, eyelids are drooping... better go and find that hot choccy. Night all, have a good evening ....


  1. Hi, have fun with your hectic weekend. My daughter and I are going to "Rav Day" in Coventry (Ravelry is this fantastic online knitting community. I don't know lots of people or anything, just going to admire other people's stuff and buy yarn:-)
    much love Martine

  2. Glad you're getting on ok at work. Hope you had fun at the fair. Oh and i would love to see Take That, you're so lucky! x

  3. TGIF...this is funny. I told my husband I wanted to be able to say this also, so I don't cook on Fridays and Saturdays. Yep, TGIF has a whooole new meaning for me now (lol).