Thursday, 11 June 2009

More Rubbish On The Telly

didn't fancy this but my biggest lad has insisted we watch it, and so far I am enjoying it!

Krod Mandoon in case you were wondering .

I am still of the knackered persuasion, work has got slightly more interesting with the onset of me "hot desking" as of next week. Mmmm hot desking you say, what's that? Well fff for goodness sake, I do not know, however it seems that more people are being installed on our floor and we don't have enough desks. This means that all the full timers will be allocated a desk each and us poor part timers will just have to sit where there is room. I did put forward the question of what happens when there is no room, my supervisor looked stressed at me.

Ah well I am ignoring it for now, I'm fairly certain it'll be changing again in five minutes so I shall just ride it out and see what happens.

Friday tomorrow, had you noticed? I had noticed! One more day and then a weekend of not a lot (unless you count the washing,drying, tidying, cooking, washing up with dishwasher of course) maybe a dvd or two and some sort of goodies to be consumed.... can't wait .


  1. Thank you for the butterfly on the side!!! Lovely :-)

    I am also excited about the weekend & summer vacation!!!

  2. OMG we've got hot desking being introduced at work soon...wonder if we work for the same people?! x