Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I am not designed for extremes in temperature, I am one of those "never happy" people who moans when it's hot and moans when it's cold.

Today was HOT!

The school run had me exhausted, and I had a sick child at home (again... what a surprise) Eldest lad was giving it a good go this morning and I immediately set to the default position of "You are going to school"... The boy looked all pale and wan at me and said "I feel really ill, I have a sore throat and my head hurts." I eventually gave in and admitted the possibility that he might be ill and asked to look in his throat.... huge tonsils! Ah, ok then possibly actually feeling unwell .

I sent him to bed with the rules about no telly, no computer and staying in bed ringing in his ears, he went and he slept for a large part of the day... when he wasn't throwing up that was. Mmmmm, seems genuine then. I will take him to the docs tomorrow, but he's going to have to languish on his own as I can't miss another day.

I had a driving lesson today and the walk to my friends house nearly wiped me out before I started, luckily I cooled down before Dave the driving instructor turned up. It was a different car today as Daves car is only just being fixed from the bump it had a few weeks ago. I did not enjoy driving a different car, I mistook the rev counter for the speedo (oops not a good thing) and it all just felt different and weird. I was convinced it would be a rubbish lesson but apparantley I did well and Dave was pleased. I shall let you into a little secret, I have booked my test, not telling you when and it's not in the next five minutes, but I have something to aim for now. I'm not going to tell the kids as I don't want them to be disappointed if I fail, then if I do pass it'll be even more exciting .

I am going to go and make packed lunches now, so I'm not doing the frantic pre-school run dance in the morning (well I will be but not as frantic as when I have to make sarnies), night all hope it's cooling down wherever you are this evening .


  1. Driving a different car is tough. I got my husband's SUV when he got a new car. I had trouble getting used to the larger car, but now I love it.

  2. I like driving other cars I feel like Clarkson from Top Gear. I wouldn't like to do the whole driving lessons again though. Good luck.

  3. Your poor lad - hope he is feeling better. No fun with high temps AND high temps outside too.

    Hope it cools down - and speaking as one who lives in a hot climate - the secret is not to try and do too much (and get the hose out for the kids!) That said, it is cold and pouring with rain here so looks like we've got the English summer on your behalf!

  4. i have a sick child too so i feel for you, this heat is pants! lol! hope he gets better soon and good luck with the driving! xx

  5. Oh no I hope eldest son is feeling better. Being sick in this weather is not good :( xx