Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I can see wednesdays are going to be a problem for me. I am rattier than a ratty thing with a bag of rats slung over its shoulder! The kids have had to take cover and lay low (they're not good at that) and Other Half has been seen tip toeing about also (must be bad if he's noticed). Ah well day one of the working week over for me.

Not the best day workwise, lots of very irritated people (can't say's I blame them mind you!) who I couldn't help as much as I would have liked, although I did make progress on a couple of occasions beyond what these people had been told by previous colleagues. I also noticed that although customers were stressed and frustrated they did try their hardest not to make it personal with me, I really appreciated it and let them know so. However I don't take these things personally anyway, I know the person on the end of the phone is just letting out frustration to the only real live human being they can actually speak to!

I am going to have to have another reasonably early night, I can feel my eyelids drooping as I type, this working malarkey isn't arf interfering with my blogging, humph .

Off to bed now, going to have loads of blogs to catch up on when I'm finally wide awake enough....wanders off mumbling about the injustice of all this "having to go to work" business.....

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