Saturday, 27 June 2009

A "Mum" Personality?

Do I have one? I'm only asking as not only do I have the four children to look after, I appear to have an Other Half who thinks I am the one who does everything!

Can you tell we had a disagreement yesterday?

It is over and done now, and didn't blow up out of all proportion (for once...) but it's got me thinking...waits for comments along the lines of "oooh dangerous" "blimey didn't know that was possible" etc. What I am thinking is this; do I come across as the sort of person who sorts things out? You know a kind of eternal Mum to all and sundry?

I do like to be in control it has to be said, and I do like to sort things out, but I would like to think other people didn't jump to that conclusion so readily. I don't have to be the one who sorts it all out, I don't mind if other people do it, I just want it done!

Yesterday Other Halfs wage was short, again. Other Halfs reaction to this news was to have a complete strop and rage on about the company he works for. All valid points, but what are you going to do about it? I then had thrown at me "well I thought we (insert word you here) were going to sort something out a couple of months ago but for some reason we (you know the drill... insert the word you) didn't" At this point I was a little irritated as I had drafted a letter for him to take in and present to whoever was appropriate a few months back. However, he didn't think it was a good time to rock the boat (?!) and wouldn't take it in.

Yet another fundamental difference between us, I don't see asking questions to gather information as rude or pushy, he does. It all revolves around the way his firm has started to pay for fuel and mileage, somehow Other Half seems to be dipping out, despite reassurances when they brought the new procedure in that it "would all even out". It's not. I feel the need to find out why, Other Half does but doesn't want to ask questions, I want to ask questions very loud and irritated questions.

Sigh, maybe I am the mum then, as I would be quite willing to ring up and talk to these people on his behalf, don't think it would look too good though would it? Also maybe he's right, maybe these people are unapproachable and would see him as revolting (being in revolt as opposed to yuk!) he does work there after all, I just can't quite let a steady drip of £60 to £80 a month disappear, we can't afford it.

Right end of moan, I am now on countdown to my
event , I have a hair appointment this afternoon to cover up all signs of grey on my bonce! I may have a slight cut, eeeek not sure about that bit, but I am definitely having the colour. My pal and partner in crime for the event is coming down on thursday night this week, I have friday off , I foresee a trip to the shops.... no don't have to be psychic to see that do you? You can safely say I am looking forward to not being mum for an evening at least, we have checked the hotel booking, we have planned what food items we are taking with us in case of emergency (I refuse to be ill through too much alcohol and not enough food, again) I am thinking bottled water would be a good idea, goodness me so rock'n'roll.


  1. my hubby too always expects me to do everything too bloody men lol!

  2. I agree - but we love them really. Just wish they could pick up their own laundry/think ahead/make a bed/delete as appropriate

    Hope you had a great time at the hairdressers. I need to go soooo badly!

  3. have fun at your 'event', it will be a good break for you.

  4. The pleasures of men! LOL

  5. Mothers do our job so well, I think EVERYONE expects us to do theirs also (lol).

  6. His company knows exactly how they are screwing your family over!!! Trust me. He should really just calmly tell them that he can not afford this pay cut. It will be interesting to hear what the company says. And, he will feel better for asking!!!

    Your hubby is taking it all in and pondering his options. Men just do not talk about it. My hubby is also quietly pondering leaving his company. They sell clothes. If the next quarter back to school does not improve, I think he plans to jump ship. But, he is being very quiet.

  7. Your hubby and mine sounds exactly the same! Last month his work paid his wages into his old account which totally mucked things up. But would he complain like I would? Nooooo!