Sunday, 21 June 2009

They've Gone!

Hah! I am left with just two kiddies and the others have all gone off to judo! Yay, a semi-quiet household. Youngest lad is upstairs knocking people out on the Nintendo Wii and Little Miss M seems happily engrossed with the Numberjacks (I find them a little spooky).

My kitchen has once again been hit by the cooking bomb, remnants of our steak and chips, pan from Eldest girls pasta and sauce (didn't fancy steak this week) and of course the obligatory seven or eight glasses that got used for juice. Sigh.... suppose I best start in there, after all I need to make another huge mess today what with it being roast dinner day .

As it is fathers day baby girl had made her daddy a nice hat in nursery, and because it was Miss M, Daddy actually wore the hat. She was very pleased and kept running about saying "Hat on, hat on!" Other Half also has a nice card chosen by biggest girl (note the lack of boy input here), and as a treat yesterday he bought himself a bottle of rum (yuk!) so I think he's been well catered for.

Not much else planned for today, although yesterday I went to my friends house and she did me a lovely pedicure. I have nice shiny nails and the last time she did it the varnish lasted four weeks! Longer really I just took it off so that the nails could be cut again. This is all in preparation for my outing in a couple of weeks;
Take That at wembley . My friend is also going to do me a spray tan on my lily white legs (she's assured me I won't be doing a Tango ad) so I shouldn't be glowing, Let's hope there's a bit of sunshine or I'll be covering up in jeans and long boots and all her hard work won't be seen.

It's amazing the preparation us girls will go through for an outing, I am sure Other Half didn't spend the two weeks before his AC/DC trip pampering and fact I think a new t-shirt was his only concession. I just know I will be going on a shopping trip before the day, got to look at more make up (which will of course be the same colour as all the make up I already have), need a new concert going top I'm sure, ooh and must get my hair dyed again... cannot go and see the lads with all these white hairs sticking out all over the place see it's never ending.

Right best get on with some of the stuff that actually needs doing here! Have a good sunday all.


  1. I have some fake tan lotion that I need to try. I am also very white.

    AC/DC!! Excellent. They boys want to see Aerosmith when the band comes through town.

  2. I hope the Take That boys appreciate your preparation, let's hope they make an effort too! Hope you have a fab time :-)

  3. Oooh Hit 40 I adore Aerosmith and I've seen them a couple of times over here :) jealous if your boys get to go!

  4. Love AC/DC! Love, Love, Aerosmith! Who needs a tan?

  5. Now, no throwing you knickers on stage please!! ;-)

  6. I'm so jealous that you're going to see Take That! Hope you have a great time :)