Monday, 15 June 2009


Nope, nothing funny or clever or even cliched is springing to mind this evening. I am (and here's a huge surprise and different to normality) really tired! Baby girl recovered swiftly from her bout of sickness on friday, I did watch her like a hawk for the next 24 hours but she was really recovered and not just pretending.

On saturday I was very brave, I drove to my parents house with everyone on board; I had to encounter some fairly speedy traffic at one point (eek) but there was no crashing or swerving or even horn tooting. Now either everyone was being very kind or I wasn't too bad. I feel I may be getting to a point where I could actually drive, unencumbered by company and licensed by the appropriate authorities. Just have to get these blinkin' manoeuvres sorted, turning wheels this way that way and looking everywhere at once!

The aged parents have purchased a puppy.. he is of course gorgeous and I want one, but that's not happening... unless I take a really big bag next time. His name is Beau and he is a whippet crossed with a saluki/whippet cross. He is a bossy boy and not bothered by small and not so small children pestering him constantly. I knew I liked him when he fell asleep on my feet. We had taken our puppy cage to the parents house as theirs is a tad large for the indoors. I hadn't realised quite how fascinating these cages could be until all four of my children decided it would be fun to sit inside them and bolt themselves in. They had minutes of fun doing that! I would have said hours but I wouldn't let them stay in there that long.... boring old mum.

Sundays seem to have taken a strange turn, last week eldest lad decided he'd like to take Judo lessons, Other Half took him and they both came back enthused and inspired. So much so that this week Other Half not only took eldest girl along as well.... he only went and joined in! The upshot is I have spent the last two sundays with Other Half up and conscious by half eight (this is a minor miracle I can tell you) and then..then, they all go out of the house... for two and a half hours. This is fantastic and I get so much done, and no creeping about whilst Other Half gets his twice weekly three hour lie-in. Wonder how long this will last? I shall just enjoy it whilst it's happening.

Today was driving lesson day, after my last couple of weeks where I felt quietly pleased with myself, I was a little disappointed with todays performance. I am attempting "turning in the road" and "reversing round a corner". These manoeuvres make no sense to me... well they do in my head but my arms and legs and head don't seem to be able to co-ordinate. Where do I look? Where do I turn? How fast? Oh slower! OMG I don't know which way is up!

I'm hoping it'll all get better with practise. Oh and maybe a day where I don't feel like I am being slowly roasted in a big metal conveyance... twas hot today, and I got bothered.

Time for bed, I am still trepidatious about young girl and her possibly throwing up in bed, but I am quietly confident (fingers crossed, touch wood) that she is fine... so it should just be a quick bed check and night time for me .


  1. Sending Baby Girl get well wishes x
    I'm sure the driving will just click at some point. Good luck :-)

  2. Once again, enjoyed sharing your day (smile). Have a joyful day in Motherhood!