Tuesday, 2 June 2009


"We shall see what we shall see I had an elephant for my tea, grilled or baked or boiled or fried, I couldn't eat another one no matter how I tried ....."

Just a random childhood ditty that springs to mind whenever I say the word baked, sorry.

I have spent a greater portion of the day being incredibly and uncomfortably hot. I knew when I was boiling on the morning school run that it would be one of those really hot days. I did however make a slight detour to Lidls on the way home, bananas to buy, oh and a jar of nutella (for the kids ) so I was equally boiled on the way home. I had cleverly, and in a most mummy fashion, slathered sun cream onto all small people this morning. On me? Nah, course not! I feel the prickle of slightly reddened skin this evening.

I was enjoying the shade of our huge conifer tree in the back garden today, Miss M and myself were hanging out the, several loads of, washing and taking full advantage of the weather. Sadly I then had to leave the safety of my nice shady, cool and temperate back garden, to walk to my friends house. It was driving lesson day you see and baby girl had to go and play whilst I had my lesson. My friend and I were having a quick natter and wondering where poor old Dave the driving instructor had got to (he's usually 20 minutes early see). I then noticed a text message, poor old Daves car had been hit and wasn't driveable . Oops no lesson for me today then, double oops... had a walk in the hot sun for no reason then! Actually it did enable me to have a sit down and a cup of tea with my mate, so all was not lost.

I have finally seen some money go into my bank from work, woo hoo! Suppose this means I better go in tomorrow. It also meant that on the homeward after school run I bought ice-creams, hah, a treat that garnered some brownie points with the kidlets (oh ok, I did treat myself as well, well it would be rude not too eh?)

Now I am going to try for another earlyish night (just gone eleven last night.. not bad) as my eyelids are trying their best to close right now. Must be all the sun eh, I hope they've finally sussed how to turn off the radiators at work tomorrow .


  1. Mmmm ice cream, best treat for a hot day! My son has realised this year what the ice cream van sounds like so I have to distract him every time it comes round!
    Glad my work isn't the only place where the radiators come on in summer! x

  2. oh that's too bad about the driving instructor's car...no lessons for awhile maybe?

  3. Aah, A nice cuppa - nothing like it!