Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Midweek And The Hormonal Volcano Is Here!

Well it's been brewing and now it's here, a sore spot on the side of my nose which is threatening to turn into an extra nose! Also, as it is my longest day I am truly shattered. Couple the early morning yesterday (you know, when I was avoiding the wardrobe ) with a not early enough night (Dexter was on last night, can't go to bed when Dexter's on) and I am feeling a trifle ratty.

Madam R (biggest girl.... this abbreviation thing isn't working is it?) seems to be fully recovered from a bout of sickness on monday night, so I was able to go to work today, um... yay? The day went as well as can be expected, I am pleased it's over though.

I am completely without get up and go this evening... guess what? It got up and went! I am going to sit and watch some absolute rubbish on the telly box, have a cup of mint hot chocolate (it's ok I have had my daily tea quota) and maybe read a bit more of one of the two books I've started at the moment.

Hope all is well with all my friends in blogland, I am about to go cruising about a bit and see what's occuring .


  1. OOh that nasty spot thing!

    Sometimes watching complete crap on telly wrapped in a cuddly blanket can make one feel so much better...

    Hope you are feeling more energetic today. RMx

  2. Mint Hot Chocolate! Sounds like that could cure anything! Hope you find your pep:)

  3. So I'm not the only one who gets hormonal spots!!! It wouldn't be so bad but I don't normally get them so it's soooo noticable!