Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Midweek Mayhem

Well, not mayhem as such, more like way too much stuff to do and still only 24 hours to do it in! Today is my ahem "long" day at work (six hours... long enough for me!) I had already prepared the lunches last night, also I had prepared eldest lads food tech (didn't we call that cookery?) ingredients. It was still a struggle to get any breakfast down my own neck - as well as feeding four hungry little monsters, then there was the making sure everyone was getting washed and dressed at an acceptable rate, closely followed by emptying the dishwasher from last night and filling it with breakfast stuff (thank the lord for dishwashers, that's all I can say).

Now once all this is done I have to run to nursery to drop off the kids before school, then I run (no I don't, I walk swiftly, but in a dignified fashion ). Then I get a little rest on the bus (15 minute journey) and then into work. Now bearing in mind I have had, ooh lets see, think it's two whole days of retraining I felt a little thrown in the deep end today as they stuck me straight on the phones. Luckily I was sat next to a really helpful lad who I kept waving at frantically to make sure I wasn't saying anything completely stupid (I wasn't lol). I had a fifteen minute break at 11:45... just time to scoff my sarnie (and of course a swift cuppa ). To give you an idea of what it's like let me just say we are not mean't to spend more than ten minutes per phone call, we are not mean't to send e-mail enquiries on more than twenty percent of our calls, and if we spend more than ten minutes on after call work (logging call on the system, adding notes for people who may look at the system later, entering security details to back up why we were looking at the system) the phones automatically kick back in.... eek all of a sudden there is someone there! It is non-stop. As soon as one call is finished the phone beeps and another person is there! This is straight through to 3:30... god I'm knackered! I'm sure it will become easier but it did seem like a hard slog today.

Then of course there is picking up tired kids , or not so tired kids, all three of whom want to say "mummy, mummy, mummy!!!" at the same time as soon as they see me. Then the requests (hah!) start, can we have ice-cream? No. Can we have sweets? No. Can I have pizza hut for dinner? No! There is a very tired and frazzled mummy walking along the road at this point, also not only am I pushing a buggy I seem to have five year old surgically attached to the handle, this means there is a kind of pulling to one side thing going on... oh and five year old likes to lean back and be towed by mum pushing the buggy!

Today I had a treat as K brought home the dish concocted in food tech (COOKERY!) and it was noodle stirfry annnddd all the kids ate it (and me) so woohoo hardly any cooking to be done this evening . However there was a bit of lunch making (for tomorrow), dinner for Other Half to make, clothes washing, clothes drying, dishwasher emptying, dishwasher filling (there's a lot of dishwasher action in our house), bathing of small children, putting to bed of small children and then finally at the ever so early time of quarter past nine I got a sit down, as I may have mentioned earlier.... I'm knackered!!!

Nevermind, cos tomorrow I get to do it all again, wayhay!

Unless of course ye olde lottery win occurs tonight, and then I might give the work thing a miss .


  1. Whew. I'm tired from just reading this. Wishing you a quick work week!

  2. I know what you mean abut the buggy thing. My 3 year old always wants to 'help' me push the buggy! Ends up taking twice as long to get anywhere x

  3. My goodness...I was going to read a few other posts, but now I'm tired!! LOL