Sunday, 10 May 2009

Of Course!

The obligatory "look at my best impression of a volcano" spot is rearing it's ugly head. I should think by return to work day (wednesday) it'll be a fully fledged pustule! Ah the joys of stress and my hormonal skin.

It's been a jolly quick weekend, after my outing on friday night, I also had a lunch to attend yesterday (social butterfly that I am) with friends from work, not even there yet and going out to lunch . It was nice to get together with old friends and it also gave me an opportunity to eye up people I don't yet know. They all encouragingly said "coming back? Wednesday!" and then pulled a you poor mad fool look at me. I keep telling myself "it's only sixteen hours, it's only sixteen hours". The lunch was good, but a bit late for me, half two is in fact an early dinner time in my book. It gave me a chance to catch up on office gossip (lots of it) and not have children clinging to my leg for an afternoon. It made a change having grown ups to talk to.

Last night though I then had to go home and cook dinner, I wasn't hungry, but sadly they were...inconsiderate lot! Steak and chips were on mums menu, I have spoilt them all and now only home made, blanched in salty water, twice fried chips will do with a slab of rib eye steak thrown on the char griddle it's like the bloomin' Harvester in my kitchen (no salad bar mind you). They all enjoyed it except Little Miss who prefers a tin of sausies and beans (good girl much easier... can opener... microwave... done).

We watched a dvd last night which I enjoyed, not sure it was Other Halfs cup of tea.... mind you don't think he has a thing for
Hayden Christensen so it probably didn't hold quite the same appeal . It was called Jumper and was right up my street, sci-fi fantasy style film with a bit of action thrown in, the camera work did set off my motion sickness a bit at times, but I coped.

Today of course the washing and drying that I hadn't managed is creeping up to get me, uniforms to wash, uniforms to dry and of course it is roast dinner today, despite all the childrens entreaties for Pizza, Curry and "can we have steak and chips again?" a roast dinner it will be!

Best get on with the domesticated stuff, it'll only be there later if I don't .


  1. Does England do Mothers day? It is huge in he states. The biggest restaurant day of the year.

    I also short order cook at my house... whatever they want. I just don't want to find over food.

  2. I empathise with you (on so many things)!! Skin is horrible at the moment too - not quite sure why but aaarrghh I'm finding it annoying. Feel like a teenager all over again. And yes, my little miss loves sausages and beans out of a tin too - perfect meal!! Glad you got a moment to watch a dvd! Good luck for'll be fine!!

  3. PS - How did Little Miss's visit to nursery go?

  4. I love all the food talk! Yum.

  5. Hit 40 we had our mothers day already, but it's a much lower key affair I think (I did get nice slippers though)
    Hiya Maternal Tales Little girl is perfectly happy at nursery as I sneakily suspected she would be :( apparantly didn't ask for me at all!