Monday, 5 October 2009

Monday Morning And It's Dark And Soggy

however, I am indoors and sitting at my computer so it can't be all bad can it?

It was very difficult to prise myself from under the duvet this morning, this stemmed from my inability to grasp that it was indeed nearly seven o clock, it was way too dark. Also I hadn't made any lunch preparations or ironed a school jumper or two, oops, needless to say it was a bit of a rush.

I have had another busy weekend (not sure there is another type) as there was a work lunch to attend on saturday, one of my colleagues retired on friday and we all went to glare at her jealously for getting out of there... I mean, to wish her well. It was a good afternoon but of course on my return home I had to think about feeding other people, oh and my brother came for a belated Little Mans birthday visit. So, I had to go and retrieve the brother from the train station and then we decided a nice bit of steak would do for dinner. I didn't want any dinner mind you, way too full up (did I mention the caramel apple crumble and ice-cream that went with lunch?) so I just cooked for the others and felt vaguely ill for the evening. Eldest Girl had abandoned ship to go and stay at her friends house so my bro had a bed to sleep in, ok he had to share a room with a noisy Baby girl, but he can ignore these things. As I was trying to get Little Miss M to bed she decided that she simply had to stay with her Uncle for just five more minutes...of course he was very touched and the little madam got her own way. We watched a dvd and I have to say I did quite enjoy it
RocknRolla, although you could tell it was a Guy Ritchie film from the off, so no surprises there then.

Sunday, myself and Other Half decided to go and choose some carpet for the living room (he's got a couple of weeks off in november and there are decorating plans afoot!!!!) so we left uncle in charge and disappeared for what turned into an hour as Other Half has most definite ideas about what he wants. Then of course it was roast dinner day so had to get on with that. Amidst all the rushing about I was trying to get clothes for the week sorted, washed and dried, get the bins emptied and generally rush about doing three things at once, Other Half saunters into the kitchen to make himself a proper coffee (with his most expensive coffee machine in the world ever ) and in the course of this he is trying to empty coffee grounds into the little composting bin I have on the side.... the bin is full to overflowing and I am watching him throw coffee grounds all over my clean draining board..."that needs emptying" (I point out the obvious every now and again 'cos people don't seem to notice)"I haven't managed that yet" I go on. Other Half finishes balancing his coffee grounds precariously on the top of the contents of the little bin and then asks "do you want me to empty it?" Mmmmm, now let me think, what shall I say? Shall I respond, as is my, instinct with cutting sarcasm and a question along the lines of "do you really need to be told when things need doing?" (of course he does I do know) or do I simply say "Yes please"? I responded with the latter for a change, but it doesn't 'alf drive me up the wall you know!

Right weekend roundup finished so I best get on with sorting some more of these clothes mountains that seem to be surrounding me .


  1. Oh I love RocknRolla. Apparently he is doing a follow up to that.

    Men are very lazy. My hubbys been off for a week and he is driving me nuts. Lazy, lazy, lazy!


  2. lol Rebel Mother, it's good to know I'm not alone :)

  3. funny about the garbage...even funnier that you have stuff lined up for him to do on his vacation!