Wednesday, 30 September 2009


nothing is flowing very well today, words included it seems as a title eludes me (and I can usually find a song/film/quote to steal from someone ).

Today is my long day at work (my idea of long is six and a half hours you understand). It went well in as much as it went swiftly and I answered lots of phone calls, including one that I think was a "mystery shopper" as the query was so general and unspecific it was untrue. Suspect I waffled a lot and may have sounded slightly over the top but then that's how I usually sound so no change there then. I just hope I actually answered the question asked!

My looooonnng part of the day really got going when I picked the kids up from nursery, little Miss M was shattered, everybody else felt the need to speak simultaneously and I had a litle food shopping to do (bad bad idea). We toddled off to Morrisons to stock up on pasta and pizza as eldest girl has a friend visiting tomorrow after school. The shopping bit was fine, however on the home journey baby girl fell asleep...... uh-oh.... this of course meant that she was asleep at dinner time. I tried to gently waken her but she was zonked out. Also I must mention that eldest boy had asked if he could go out with his friends, and I agreed but he had to be home by seven... HAH! How stupid was I to think he would do as he was asked for a change?

So, we reach about half six and a small monstrous person awoke in the place of my angel baby girl. She cried for a good (bad) three quarters of an hour, she rejected every item of food or drink I offered her, she cried if I sat with her, she cried if I left her, she cried if I tried to cuddle her . She followed me from room to room crying and screaming at my inability to do what she wanted (what do you want????) and I hit the point I have never hit before with madam, I lost my patience with her! I didn't do anything differently but this was the first time I felt irritation at her behaviour, oh dear, little girl must be growing up cos I can usually put up with all sorts of behaviour when they are babies because after all they are only babies. Today I must have felt she was just in a bad mood and could possibly choose not to scream at me constantly!

To top it off my mood was darkened even further by thirteen year old phoning me at ten to seven declaring he was about half a mile away and,oh yeah, would probably be late . When he turned up at half seven little miss had managed to calm herself and was demanding a book with a cuddle.... super, just as I have more cooking to do...

Sigh, I am winding down now, but oh so knackered. Right, getting off here or I shall be even more knackered tomorrow, I know I keep saying it, but this work thing isn't half interfering with my computer time .

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  1. hope tomorrow's a better day for you! poor little miss M, being out of sorts.