Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bad Mood Alert! Bad Mood Alert!

Oh well it just keeps getting better.. the words Happy and Bunny definitely do not apply to me today. To go along with the lack of kip and general hair do sulkiness, I now have a what am I gonna do with him moment regarding Other Half.

Things have been fairly quiet on the Other Half front lately as he has been behaving himself quite nicely (patronising moo.. I know). However, at the end of last month his wage was about £300 down...eeeeek! To me it looks like a fairly straight forward admin error as no payment was made for fuel allowance. Getting Other Half to investigate this is a task and a half though. I was happily waiting for him to go to a meeting at the office today, as I knew he was much more likely to make an enquiry face to face than on the phone. I have been waiting to hear the outcome but by half twelve I could wait no more. Other Half cheerfully answers the phone and then says "Oh no, the meeting was cancelled" "So you haven't found out then?" "Oh no, I can't just go in the office I haven't got time" and obviously he can't ring up!!! I did try and point out (calmly) that Three hundred pounds can't just be forgotten about, he started to sound defensive and about to go into a tantrum so I backed off... for now...

Do you know if I could just ring these people up myself I would, I am sure it is all straightforward, but the longer you leave it then the longer we have to wait for things to get sorted!!!!!!!!!!!! (Do you think that's enough exclaimation marks?)

I have cats injections to pay for tomorrow and more little bits and bobs for uniform..... sigh... never mind lottery on friday, maybe my hair will have grown by then as well ?


  1. Clearly. All men are the same! In a frightening similiar situation I have gone so far as as to draft e-mails for my hubby, sign his name and said. SEND THIS. Is it phone phobia? Is it b/c we ask them? Who knows! I feel your pain and wish you luck!!

  2. Modern Mom: brilliant! I may very well steal this idea, I have drafted letters but he won't let me send them!!! seems to be an arrgh kind of week :)

  3. Oh honey. What a pain for you. I'm with Modern Mom - write the letter for him and hold it under his nose to sign. It's the only way! Hope it works out x

  4. Sometimes I get like that also, where the reward is not worth the fight! (What is a pound in US Dollars?)

  5. Why are men sometimes like ostriches with their heads in the sand?

    but £300 is not so easily ignored! (isn't that well over $600 USD?)

  6. Hiya Crazy Baby Mama, I'm not certain but I think you're about right I always think two dollars to the pound(ish)
    Otin, see above :)
    Maternal Tales, I am resisting the urge to stick it up his nose!!!