Friday, 4 September 2009

New Boys

Have you seen these cute boys? I am just putting up these pics to remind me why I am spending £75 on jabs and worming stuff, £75!!!!

They are cute little troublemakers though aren't they?

On a different subject I was awoken at the most anti-social hour of 4 a.m. this morning. Both myself and Other Half jumped up when we heard a very loud squealing/screaming noise "Rabbit!" declares Other Half (which was good cos I was a tad confused about where the noise was coming from) and we both steamed down the stairs and ran into the garden, only to see Mr Foxy loxy running away from the hutch! Poor old Splodge

I had a quick look at her last night and thought the squeal must have just been fright, however on closer inspection this morning it was discovered that the 'orrible fox had taken a chunk out of Splodges ear!
She seems fine now but we will bathe her wound and I am now looking for a better hutch for the poor girl.
Off to do some housey stuff now, borrrrriiinnng.... oh dear I am beginning to sound like the teenager.


  1. cute little kittens...and what excitement in the house, poor bunny must still be in shock.

  2. Oh they are soo cute! Our new kitten is now huge and a bit of a mischief! Oooh and congrats on passing your driving test xx

  3. Oh poor splodge!

    You gotta watch those foxes....right sneaky they are.

    Lovely piccys of the kits!