Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I just seem to be continuously doing stuff at the moment. There have been sick kids (again!!) washing that the whole street must put in my washing baskets, driving about (still a novelty and a bit scary), work (mustn't forget work), cooking, a vague stab at cleaning (that always seems to be last on the list... although the litter tray made itself well and truly known on my arrival back home this afternoon ) and of course looking after small people who are incapable of doing stuff for themselves.

And deeeeep breaths, in... and out... nope still knackered and not completely wound down yet.

Today seemed especially full to bursting. First on Karens never-ending list was having to put petrol in the car, I have put petrol in the car before but I had intended to con.... I mean ask, Other Half to do it for me yesterday, I forgot . In order to find the most empty (and therefore easier for me) petrol station I had to go in the opposite direction from work. I got to the pump and pulled up, rather neatly even if I do say so myself, got out and realised it was the pump you could use your card at, eeek, I braved the card machine thingy and was feeling even more pleased with myself. Sadly this then meant I was a little later than usual and my normal parking area was full! Uh-oh, I had to drive around a bit but did eventually find somewhere that didn't require a crowbar to get in and out of.

My work day was full of aggravating questions with no simple answers. I was unable to help as many people as I'd have liked and this always disturbs me, I seemed to spend a lot of today passing queries on to other people and making people on the end of the phone have to wait for someone else to call them back. A situation that doesn't please anyone.

I left work fairly knackered and pleased to see my car where I left it and with no additional decoration in the form of parking tickets (wasn't entirely sure I should have parked where I did ) I got in swapped shoes (there are driving shoes as opposed to work boots you see ), key in the ignition and.... nothing! OMG, no car starting up noises... now what? I sat and tried to think calm, non panicky thoughts for a minute or two. Now there were lights and the dashboard was lighting up like a christmas tree, just no engine starting... what on earth had I done? I had no credit on my phone so had to wander back to the office and ask the security guys if I could borrow their phone (I suspect they were amused at my predicament). I phoned Other Half and asked if we had some kind of immobiliser that I had accidentally activated, nope he said. I described what had happened and Other Half said "Is it in park?" Eh? "Is the car in park, it won't start if it's not in park?" Bing! Lightbulb moment! I wandered off to check, laughing with the security guys and saying I hoped it was that and not something requiring RAC men to come and get me.

Guess what? It wasn't in park... yay.. I mean oops. I won't be doing that again.

So, homeward bound, a fly by to pick up the kids, another quick fly by to a shop (eldest girlie wanted meatballs for tea) and then home. Next of course I launched into the cooking, cleaning and bottlewashing portion of the evening... oh yeah and that litter tray.

I am somewhat tired, off to bed now methinks .

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