Saturday, 12 September 2009

A Weekend Off

well despite certain setbacks and looking like it might not happen for a minute there, I am off to london for the evening.

The setbacks being of course, one sicky pup child. First week back at work and I couldn't even reach day three! Thursday evening, well actually friday morning, I was awoken by a plaintive voice (at 2:57 I think it t'was) saying "Mummmmm, I've been a little sick on my floor". Poor littlest boy had thrown up on the floor, and his bed, and of course himself (yuk). I was in my usual zombie like state, when it's that time of day I don't function too well for some reason, and on automatic pilot stripped a bed and cleaned a floor. I went in search of ye old faithful sick bucket... (mmm, clean, good!) and then got back to my bed, where I promptly lay listening for the next couple of hours in case a young man was ill again .

My lad was ill again yesterday morning, so my fleeting shall I just send him to school anyway? thought was soon dispensed with. Of course I then had to be brave and phone work to let them know that no I wouldn't be completing a full week after all. Luckily it wasn't as bad as I anticipated.

It seems that little man is greatly improved this morning though as he is declaring he feels he will be able to eat a chocolate cupcake later, I am trying to say much later.

So, I shall be abandoning Other Half and boarding a train for my old hometown to spend an evening with my brother and a couple of old school friends. I have a drinking plan in place (for the avoidance of doing an action replay of Chays night time performance) and will be eating plenty before I go anywhere near an alcoholic beverage! I am looking forward to it, but as always I'm a little apprehensive, simply because it's something different from the norm. Mind you if I think about twenty something years ago, it's exactly what I would have been doing on a saturday evening so it's not different at all!

Have a good evening all, I shall return tomorrow, probably a tired and bad tempered mummy but I shall have had a good time so that's what matters eh?