Wednesday, 2 September 2009



Nothing major and it really isn't that bad..... but.... (and it's a big but... don't say a word!!) I have had my haircut. I thought I would take the plunge and have a bit more than usual chopped off oh and did I mention? AAAAAARGH.

It is shorter than I imagined and it just doesn't look like me. Other Half says it's not bad, and I hope I didn't react too badly to my poor friend who had cut it, but it was a shock to my system, which I am now calming with a large glass of alcoholic beverage.

On to other news, I have been doing a lot of driving about, my bro came to visit at the weekend and I went and picked him up from the train station . It was lovely to go and meet him, then we did a little food and goodies shopping before we came back home. It was a really nice and busy weekend, we watched many films and ate way too much.

On sunday I offered to take Other Half into town so he could go for a drink with his pal, and then I would come and pick him up. This involved motorway driving, driving in the dark and joy of joys... rain! However, I managed it and it made a nice change for Other Half to be able to go for a beer and not have to get a taxi home.

Monday I took my bro back to the train station and we went for a little wander and a shop and a coffee along the way, it's all very civilised this driving about lark.

Today I took the kids to meet a friend and her little boy at
Queen Elizabeth Country Park (more motorway and then of course parking at t'other end... you're impressed aren't you?) It was a nice day and we played with big sticks and ate lunch in a den, then we went on a bear hunt and picked flowers, all for the princely sum of £1 parking. The smell of other peoples barbecues was most tempting, think I'm going to have to give that a go sometime.

I am already dreadng the arrival of next wednesday, when I go back to W O R K (I'm spelling it out so that I don't know what I'm talking about ). Poor old eldest lad is first back into the old routine, school starts on friday for him, monday for the others. Although I am looking forward to getting small people out from under my feet I shall miss the little darlin's, it's been nice to be able to run them about places myself.

I do have an outing to look forward to though, I am off to londinium to go out with my brother and a couple of old friends weekend after this, I am hoping I do not disgrace myself and I am looking forward to some relaxy away from it all time... with grown ups!!!

Off to have another drinky, and watch the rest of this
X-files film, not really getting on with Billy Conolly at this point but there you go...